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Message for you "If you can dream it, you can do it."

Hello. Welcome to my homepage. I am so happy.
My name is June Tahara. I was born in June 25th, 1960.
My hobbies are fishing, diving, camping, and play baseball. My family compreses three sons.
I am a teacher. I am teaching at Shinonome elementary school in Hiroshima. I changed workplace from Yasuhigashi elementary to Shinonome elementary in April 2007.
I have some internet projects. One of them is "Kids' peace cranes project."  I am looking forward to receive peace cranes from over sea. My students and me donate them to Sadako's Monument in the Peace Monument in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. Let's join us!
Thank you.

"Sadako's Story"
Sadako's Brother Told About Sadako

Message from A-bombed girl
The Spirit of Hiroshima

Miyoko Matsubara, a representative of our group, spoke her story at the "Hiroshima-Nagasaki A-bomb Exhibition" held near the UN Headquarters in May 2000 ( This exhibition was held alongside of the Millennium NGO Forum held at the UN Headquarters from May 22nd to 26th ). The following days, Miyoko spoke in Detroit(MI) area via video to elementally and junior high school students.

Schoolmaster's talk

The summer when I was a first grader of elementary school. August 6th, 1945.
by Fumiaki Kajiya, Nagatsuka elementary's schoolmaster (1994-1998)

I lived near Hiroshima Railroad Station on the day when Atomic Bomb exploded. In Showa 20th ( 1945 ), I was just a first grader of elmentary school. I will tell all of you what I saw, I did, and I thought on that day...