Press Release 19990716 (English)
[Press Relaese]

                                                         July 16, 1999

To whom it may concern:

Street Sign-in Campaigns Stand up against Discontinuance of HP 200LX

                   FHPPC: NIFTY SERVE Hewlett-Packard PC Users' Forum

Inspired by the announcement of Hewlett-Packard Co. on July 6 (U.S.Time), 
"HP to Discontinue HP 200LX Series Palmtop PC", we, members of FHPPC, 
will hold Street Sign-in Campaigns at three big cities in Japan on 
Saturday, July 17 (13:00-18:00 JST).  The places are three big and 
famous computer towns, Akihabara in Tokyo, Ohsu in Nagoya and Nipponbashi 
in Osaka.  

The main purpose of these campaigns is to deliver the voices of the 
concerned LX users and to request to continue HP 200LX production.  
Collected signatures will be submitted to Hewlett-Packard Co. with other 
electronic signatures, signatures on the papers via mail, etc.  

HP 200LX is a palmtop PC and was put on the market in 1994.  Despite 
that its generations-old Operating System, MS-DOS, HP 200LX is the 
personal computer that still gets many users' support in view of the 
portability and the usability.  

The Japanese version of HP 200LX originally didn't exist.  However, users 
created the "Japanization software" in the period of the ancestors, 
HP 95LX and HP 100LX, that would enable to run many programs in 
Japanese on the computer.  Hewlett-Packard Co. JAPAN finally recognized 
such user-made "Japanization software", which led it to release 
the Japanization software (JKIT) as a software package. JKIT was 
originally made by the efforts and activities of FHPPC and its members.  

Apparently, the discontinuance announcement was a surprise and a 
discouragement for us who have given much efforts into LXs.  We 
understand every product has a life cycle, but still we want to voice 
our request that HP 200LX should still be on the Hewlett-Packard Co.'s 
production lines.  Because it is very difficult to apply our knowledge 
to and transfer our programs to the new palmtop PC that HP recommended.  
Moreover, probably because no official Japanese version of HP 200LX has 
been released by the company, it also makes hard for us to transfer the 
accumulated data from HP 200LX to the new palmtop PC.  

As written above, we have always realised that someday Hewlett-Packard 
Co. would terminate its HP 200LX line, but we cannot accept the 
termination of the product sales  without a new model that DOES reflect 
our requirements, the desire for upgradability and full compatibility 
with HP 200LX.  

We, FHPPC users' forum, collect and send such users' voices to Hewlett-
Packard Co. and request it to retract the discontinuance announcement 
and to promote the development of substitutive models.  

We are pleased to announce that, as a part of our activities, the street 
campaigns are scheduled as follows:

Date : Saturday, July 17, 1999
Time : 13:00 -18:00(JST) 
Place: Akihabara Tokyo, Ohsu Nagoya, Nipponbashi Osaka 

Group name 
- FHPPC: Hewlett-Packard PC Users' Forum

  FHPPC stands for "Hewlett-Packard PC users' Forum."  
  It is engaged in various activities concerning HP palmtop computers 
  on Japanese NIFTY SERVE network.  

Representative name 

E-mail address 
- Representative : NORI 
   mail address  : 

- The person in charge of press announcement : YAFO 
   mail address  : 

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                                                           As mentioned. 

FHPPC press announcement person in charge : YAFO