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123g (1-2-3 GUI Menu)

123g equips the built-in Lotus 1-2-3 with the GUI menus -- the same user interface as other built-in applications.
123g 123g for Japanese LX
including with the Japamese document.
123g for English LX
including with the English document.
123g for Germany LX (1/20/98) New!
corresponding to German 1-2-3 command.
123g for French LX (1/20/98) New!
corresponding to French 1-2-3 command.

123g for Spanish LX (1/20/98) New!
corresponding to Spanish 1-2-3 command.

mml :Moreexm List Menu Launcher

  1. What is mml ?

    mml is a simple launcher for EXM programs registered to MoreEXM.When started, mml displays a list of the program reginsered to MOREEXM.INI file. Move the cursor and press Enter to launch the program.
  2. Screen capture image (GIF)


  1. ipeclock(1999-12-12) New!

    Digital Clock with iPeX

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