WCPUID/XCPUID is the program that displays the CPU information of your personal computer.
Shows Frequency, Multiplier, Chipset Info. etc ...

. Version 3.3
with Plugins
(Official Version)
. 2004/04/02 [FRI] . wcpu330.exe . 268,491 Byte Win32
wcpu330.exe . From VECTOR(FTP) Win32
xcpu330_l24.tar.gz . Members only Linux
Kernel 2.4
xcpu330_l26.tar.gz . Members only Linux
Kernel 2.6
xcpu330_f4x.tar.gz . Members only FreeBSD 4.X
xcpu330_f5x.tar.gz . Members only FreeBSD 5.X

WPCREDIT is the program that edits PCI Configration Register.
The settings corresponding to each chip set/device are saved in a separate file,
so if you prepare separate message files for each chip sets,
it could be used to edit various chip sets.

. Version 1.4 . 2004/04/02 [FRI] . wpcre14.exe . 98,713 Byte Win32
wpcre14.exe . From VECTOR(FTP) Win32