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This software was displayed JRC booth of JAIA fair 1997.
For a more detailed description,please see here.(But , That page is written in Japanese.)

Japanese page is HERE.

NRD-345 computer controller (for Windows95)
Japanese version 1.00 [n345v100.lzh] 865kByte
(English version is comming soon!)
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This software controls the HF receiver NRD-345,sold by JRC(Japan Radio Co.,Ltd.) on Microsoft Windows95.
I completed the REAL receiver control software , you never saw.
This software is different other software. I realized a REAL CONTROL on personal computer using an image of the receiver.
The function of this software has plentry. I added many orignal functions , Panorama scan(Band scope) operation, Level scan operation,Files I/O etc.
If you are using NRD-345 , please try this software.
Note , I got permission from JRC's NRD-345 developer , about using image of NRD-345 , dealing this software.

ENVIRONMENT of this software
You must use on Microsoft Windows95.
This software need HDD vacancies about 5MBytes over.
You ought to use a computer of Pentium processor 75MHz over.
Over 16MBytes memories.
The software can move on DirectX / DirectSound. (by WinGL)

Real Operation Using Images.
An image of the NRD-345 is used as it is in the operation software.
Operations from Receiver Can be Displayed on Screen.
If you click the image's LOCK key , the on-screen display changes according to operations on the receiver. (Some functions such as meters are not displayed.)
Method of Operation Almost the Same as Receiver Unit.
Almost all operations possible on the receiver control panel are possible as they are.
Panorama Scan (Band scope) Function
You can use the panorama scan operation to scan within bands. The screen is configured in the form of an easy-to-understand spectrum analyzer.
Level Scan Function
The memory channel scan function of the NRD-345 has been expanded to provide the software with a level scan function.
Direct Frequency Entry
Troublesome entry of the frequency is eliminated as you can now set the frequency by entering directly on the Frequency Entry window the mouse.
Status Display Window
You can display in the form of a list on the Status Display Window current status such as which frequency is being mode and which mode the receiver is in.
Memory Channel Maintenance Finction
You can read the memory channels on the receiver, and output them in CSV format, and set CSV format data on the receiver.
CSV format data can be imported to and exported from spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel.(CSV format: text data files that use the comma ',' as the delimiter.)
Game Library Used
A high response has been achieved on Windows95 by using the WinGL game library (made by Bio_100% Mr.Koizuka)
Time Adjustment Function
You can use the internal clock on the personal computer to adjust the NRD-345's clock in minutes. The NRD-345's clock can also be displayed on screen.

After the LZH file extract temporary directory Cyou execute 'setup.exe'.
Finished the installation , please select 'NRD345 control software' on 'Interfair Laboratory' group within the 'program' group in the start menu.

The bugs I understanded at now.
The image's color sometime changes.
Please change to icon , and re-open the window again.
Sometime , the UTC clock sets error.
If the software seted error , please adjust clock of the receiver.

The reproduction is free , but you must be not change the LZH file.
You can use registration service of NIFTY-Serve (GO SWREG) and Internet registration service of PIPENET , NET-U system.
This software is shareware. Be sure to register before use. One money transfer of 2,000yen (or 20dollers) is required for each user.

I'm sorry I can't write English well.
If you send me E-Mail , please write in Japanese if you can.:-)

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