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Programs for MS-DOS

The software on this page runs on PCs running MS-DOS or a compatible operating system.

What is a PC? What is MS-DOS?

A PC is a personal computer that is a descendant of the IBM PC that was marketed in 1981. The programs on this page are designed to work on PCs. They don't run on a Macintosh machine unless you use an emulator.

MS-DOS is the operating system that Microsoft was selling before they moved on to MS Windows. Compatible operating systems were developed and sold in the names of PC-DOS, DR-DOS and the like. FreeDOS is yet another MS-DOS compatible operating system, which is still being maintained at the time of writing (August 2006). These operating systems have gone out of ordinary home use, but they are still used today as convenient operating systems to control external electronic devices. The programs on this page operate on this family of operating systems.


An ANSI.SYS compatible device driver. Features include the full support of the Japanese language output, a wide range of functions, unloading facility, and smaller file size. (Memory footage is also kept minimum, but not much different from other ANSI.SYS drivers.)


CGAHLP changes color schemes of application programs that display colored texts on a CGA mode. Some low-power computers in the past featured a monochrome LCD display that was CGA compatible. These computers used different shades (or lightness/darkness) of gray to express the 16 colors that CGA supports. The contrast between different shades of gray, however, is no match for color contrast in terms of visibility, so it was sometimes very hard to read words displayed on the monochrome display.

CGAHLP was developed to solve such hardship of monochrome display users. It replaces the color scheme of the application program with the one that is optimal for the monochrome gray-shade screen.

There are English and Japanese versions, but both are one and the same program that operates on a CGA text mode. The difference is the language of the accompanying manuals. CGAHLP does not operate on a Japanese mode.

Programs for MS Windows

Development and support of MS-Windows software is suspended and there is no foreseeable plan to resume it. I would like to express my appreciation to all those who encouraged me in the past.

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