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98/6/27(Sat) 0:02 Robert Doty <doty@sdsp.mc.xerox.com>
Here is the process I followed for the entry below: (I forgot to include it)

1) Make sure drive is bootable!
2) getbtimg HD0: platform.img -r (from network drive)
3) Create ISO image using EZ CD Pro
a) Create Data only image
b) Add bootcat.bin
c) Add platform.img
d) Rehost both files to \
e) Write ISO image to disk
4) mkbootcd platform.iso bootcat.bin platform.img

Resulting output:

G:\> &mkbootcd platform.iso bootcat.bin platform.img
mkbootcd - make bootable CD image(El Torito specification)
18-Aug-97 gigo@yk.rim.or.jp|imaizumi@nisiq.net V1.00

Add BootEntry for Boot Media image File.
98/06/26 10:23 170917888 platform.img

5) Write ISO Image to CDROM
6) Boot with new bootable CD <--- FAILS

98/6/26(Fri) 23:50 Robert Doty <doty@sdsp.mc.xerox.com>

I am trying to make a bootable CD image from a 540 meg scsi
hard drive. It is running on an ultra/scsi controller on a compaq
proliant 1200 machine. This drive is scsi-2. The images are
created properly and the cdwrite goes fine, but when I try to
boot with the CD, it does not work. I tried the same process
with a floppy and everything went OK! Do you have any ideas
as to what I can try to get this operational.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Rob Doty
Network Integration Manager
Xerox Corp

98/6/10(Wed) 1:10 gigo <gigo@os.rim.or.jp>
The upper part of a main page is US-ASCII.
But lower part is written in Japanese KANJI.

If you have enviroment that be able to display Japanese KANJI ,
You can see main page correctly. But If you can't read Japanese,
You can't understand it.

The part of Japanese of main page is not a so important.
introduction of each page and origin of the my account name - 'Gigo'.

98/6/9(Tue) 17:17 algenubi <algenubi@arrakis.es>
I'm a "baby" in the surfing pages, and I would like to know how I can read the
main page?

98/6/3(Wed) 0:04 gigo <gigo@os.rim.or.jp>
Is shsmod V2.00 wanted?

Even the writing about over115K is many in a Japanese version BBS,
although the popularity is absent as a bootable CD here.

The new version for the Windows 95/98 that can treat any localized version,
will be write if many(over 10) person wish it.

98/6/2(Tue) 23:51 gigo <gigo@os.rim.or.jp>
mkbootcd 1.02 released

Adaptec eazy CD creator's strange ISO file.
(Thank you for testing > adam.duley@amd.com)

Boot with Joliet extension.
(beta by petry@rbg.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de. use -J option)

98/5/30(Sat) 1:33 gigo <gigo@os.rim.or.jp>
I was requesting proof reading in the page of a bootable CD
This week becoming even 2 proof readed html were delivered.
Thank you for cooperation !!

98/5/29(Fri) 8:32 Adam Duley <adam.duley@amd.com>
Yes, please do release 1.01 :-)
Where would you release this beta? What address?
I would be happy to be you test subject.

Thanks for the quick response.

98/5/29(Fri) 8:16 gigo <gigo@os.rim.or.jp>
>Is it possibly because I am using Easy CD creator to create
>the ISO image?

Yes.The ISO image's sector length that Easy CD creator writed
is not standard.
I wrote V1.01 beta for this strange ISO image.
If you want try this, I will release this beta.

> If so, what program would you suggest.

I can't suggest. But WinOnCD seems to be good as reading before article.

98/5/29(Fri) 3:48 Adam Duley <adam.duley@amd.com>
mkbootcd is having problems reading my ISO image. It says:

*Error - Boot catalog File 'bootcat.bin' not found in ISO Image!

I am using Easy CD Creator 3.01b and Yamaha CRW4260t-NB 4x writer. I
included that file by adding it through the wizard and then adding
my boot-media-image file. I then clicked on Create Disc Image from
the file menu and wrote it to a file. I then ran the mkbootcd program
on it:

mkbootcd bootcd.iso bootcat.bin win95.bmi

Please Help! Is it possibly because I am using Easy CD creator to create
the ISO image? If so, what program would you suggest.

Thanks so much,

98/5/24(Sun) 21:26 Urban Petry <petry@rbg.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de>
I extended the mkbootcd 1.0 source code to preserve the joilet
directory information. It works with both single- and multi-
session CDs, but I could only test it with WinOnCD 3.5
since I don't have any other program. Please report your
experience with your CDR prog! The source code can be found in
This is just a quick-n-dirty hack, any improvements welcome ;-)

98/5/22(Fri) 0:28 gigo <gigo@os.rim.or.jp>
I receive mkbootcd 1.0 joliet extension from .de.
Please post yourself!
There was the worth that disclosed a source.


98/5/2(Sat) 22:46 ku foo keong <fkku@wimage.com>
I'm using mitsumi cd-r 6x read 2x wirtedrive and cequadrat software
64sdram on board
pentium ii 300Mhz

I can't make bootcd due to cequadrat didnot support bootcd
, any body can help me to find out the shareware program which
be able to write bootable cd
I face the big problem is to creat the iso image

98/4/28(Tue) 19:22 THOMAS <ZDW@PUBLIC.FZ.FJ.CNhttp://www.onlineinc.com/cdrompro/CP1995/AugCP95/starrett.html>






98/4/13(Mon) 2:10 Andrej <widow@widow.dyn.ml.org>
hi ,
has anyone figured out how is nt server cd bootable ( evaluation or original)
i would like to make a similar cd with my own contents ...
i cant seem to see anything in the cd that makes it bootable ...
are the 3 setup disks hidden in there somewhere ?


98/4/3(Fri) 2:32 gigo <gigo@os.rim.or.jp>
The getbtimg support A: B: HD0 to HD3.
The n of HDn is bios physical drive number as getbtimg use bios call.
This digit is not SCSI ID number.
The SCSI ID and HDn relation is case by case.

If you want use more drives,

Line 175 of source code,
if (stricmp(device,"HD3:") == 0) drvno = 0x83;

if (stricmp(device,"HD4:") == 0) drvno = 0x84;

and so on.

98/4/3(Fri) 2:07 stephane PEPING <s.peping@neccsd.com>
Hello Gigo,

I have a problem using the getbtimg.exe program.
I have several SCSI hard drives plugged in my machine
If I want to create a image of the harddrives with the
ID3 or ID4 (I haven't try with ID2) it does not work.
It says something like can't access drive...

Does the getbtimg only work with HD0 and HD1 ???


98/4/2(Thu) 2:19 gigo <gigo@os.rim.or.jp>
Recently, a question about the continuation of the how to make a bootable CD
was taken more and more. It has been written in Japanese and I'm getting many
useful reports.
And the introduction article which is easy to learn mkbootcd's know-how
on some Japanese magazines by the other person appears too.
But the time for tlanslate can't be taken...

Please wait for a while..

98/4/2(Thu) 1:57 gigo <gigo@os.rim.or.jp>
>How to make a Menu during bootup for different boot images.. ie.

Type simple,
mkbootcd bootcatx.bin imagea imageb imagec ..

>What hardware and software would you recommend?

As I can be recommended, I don't have enough kind of hardware.
I'm satisfied
sony CDU924S CD-R,
Adaptec Easy CD-PRO software,
Adaptec AHA2940U SCSI adaptor.

Someone reports IOI SCSI adaptors alternative.

98/3/20(Fri) 2:37 c64 <benseow@pop.jaring.my>
I have managed to make a bootable CD but I have few questions hope you can help..

1. How to make a Menu during bootup for different boot images.. ie.
a. Dos 6.22
b. Win 95
c. Dos 3.0
I am not being difficult. The reason is because in my work enviroment, I have to boot into different dos version..

b. What hardware and software would you recommend?


98/2/24(Tue) 1:15 gigo <gigo@os.rim.or.jp>

Some people said "Some SCSI CD Drive does not support El Torito.".
But All of My SCSI CD-ROM Drives can treat bootable CD.

What is your SCSI CD-ROM ?

98/2/21(Sat) 11:00 Massimo <scabbia@inrete.it>
Hi Gigo!

No it's not a HD Image, but a floppy disk Image! So it's not the 1 GB problem!

So where's the problem?

Remember, all working well on my IDE CD-ROM, but not on my SCSI CD-ROM

Let me know...


98/2/18(Wed) 6:22 gigo <gigo@os.rim.or.jp>
Hi Massimo,
Please tell me your condition. I suppose your image source is over 2GB SCSI/IDE
Disk. I think it "the geometry problem".
If so, you must get image from disks under 1GB and disable SCSI BIOS setting
"support disk over 1GB".
This is known problem and I try to solve it when enough data reported.

98/2/16(Mon) 10:42 Massimo <scabbia@inrete.it>
Hi all!!!

Well, I have a strange problem. When I do a bootable CD that have a boot menu to choose from, all is wotking fine booting from IDE CD-ROM, but if I try to boot from Scsi Cd Rom connected to Adaptec 2940UW, bios 1.32, the menu is displayed correctly, but when I choose the option the system make visible this message: "Your Cd-Rom Drive is not supported by Bios".


Please (also super-Gigo) let me know...



98/2/10(Tue) 22:56 cekai <cekai@public.yc.js.cn>
I don't know bellow advanced made the Bootable CD-ROM methods,
please tell me with english.(cekai@public.yc.js.cn)

1.Made from your own boot floppy.
2.Made from your own hard disk.
3.The boot related files are put into directory.
4.Write multiple boot-image and choose boot menu.
5.Boot from CD and mount the CD by ordinary way.
6.Add session to non-bootable CD-R became bootable.
7.Prevent CD-R became non-bootable when adding session.

98/2/10(Tue) 0:15 czy <cekai@public.yc.js.cn>

98/1/30(Fri) 23:38 Virgil Cook <virgil_cook@corpsoft.com>
- Compaq DeskPro p200mmx 32mb ram 3gb hd
- Yamaha 4x CD writer
- Easy CD Pro for 95.

Everytime I attempt to make a boot CD from a image on a hard drive, the CD is not bootable. I can read the CD and see the bootcat.bin and IMG file on the CD but it is not bootable. I have no problem creating bootable floppy images but hard drive images dont work.

Background: I am trying to make a bootable Windows 95 image on a CD.

Does anybody have suggestion on this process? Are there any specific settings I should set on Windows 95 before I create the image file? Has anyone been succesful with Easy CD Pro for 95 in creating bootable CD hard drive image with an ISO file?

Thanks for your comments,
Virgil Cook

98/1/28(Wed) 6:26 r.croft <r.croft@diamond.co.uk>
p200mmx 64megs of ram 4 gig hdrive 33600 modem hp sure writer 7100i

i made a cd out of my odds and ends that was on floppy disk,
they unzip fine on my computer but other computers they won`t unzip?

is thier a util out the that makes a menus for you so you can click on what you want
off the cd and extract to were you want ?

thanks rich

98/1/28(Wed) 3:04 gigo <gigo@os.rim.or.jp>
Question and answer.

Q. When I make a ISO File, May I add Other beside win95.BMI and Bootcat.bin?

Yes. But driver is necesary the file which isn't contained in
to access it. Unfortunately some driver can't access from
bootable image's config.sys or autoexec.bat.
Adaptec SCSI and OAK teck ATAPI can it.
And some solution reported to my Japanese Bulletin board.

Q. Can this tool make a boot CD From IDE Hard image?

There are some reports that it was done well in my Japanese
Bulletin board too. But condition not cleared yet.

As for being common,

a)IDE under 2GB.
b)** NOT ** use gtbtimg's -A option.
c)The mkbootcd report warnings, errors.. Please Ignore it!

I think mkbootcd and getbtimg not analyze completely to IDE Disks.

98/1/28(Wed) 2:24 zzz <zxy@public.cs.hn.cn>

98/1/24(Sat) 4:20 gigo <gigo@os.rim.or.jp>
hellow Sandy,

An answer couldn't be written last time because I didn't have
the experience, either.
Condition don't change. But if it does like this now,I think
that it may be able to be done.

The ISO Image of NT install CD is taken out first.
For ex. The WinImage can this.

The NT install CD has hidden, no directory registered file which need
to boot in structure.
I don't know which level you must keep the structure of NT CD.

As a first, Try to burn this image only.
If it bootable, You passed through the first barrier.

a) edit original iso image
The next tries to delete the file from this ISO image which isn't necessary.
or add extra file.
Try to burn this image.
If it bootable, a purpose can be attained.

b) add session
Once you burn original image and add session as you like.
If it bootable, a purpose can be attained.
But boot from multisessioned CD is may need mkbootcd new function with
Adaptec like SCSI BIOS. The TEKRAM DC390 BIOS is recommended.

If it goes well, I really wants a result to be written in the bulletin
board.( And I will add new function for Adaptec's.)

Most people think me to be authority of bootable CD,
But, I must still learn during the trinning.
Please tell me your experience of how to make a bootable CD.

Osamu Imaizumi

98/1/1(Thu) 0:06 gigo <gigo@os.rim.or.jp>
A Happy new year !

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