Last update 18-Mar-1999

What's New !

18-Mar-99 Add link for Linux 2.2.x Patch
10-Mar-99 Add important notice
18-Feb-99 SHSMOD V1.7c (Document not included) Support W83977EF chip
07-Sep-98 Linux patch V1.7a by Youji Takeuchi, Now available.
25-Aug-98 SHSMOD V1.7 Support National Semiconductor chip, WinBond 83877TF,ALI M1543(Aladdin V south bridge)
25-Jul-98 SHSMOD V1.5 Support Windows98, WinBond83977. Easy installation.
22-Feb-97 SHS Driver NT4.0 US Version Now available.

Sorry for my non-native(may be broken..) English.

Important notice
In the first time, the SHSMOD was the little 1 page program which was made in just little time for the private use.

But it is growing up continuously.
I can't support it anymore.

I stop using it myself.
The chips which I don't have increased.
I receive query/request mails everyday.

I looked for the person/company that take over the SHSMOD.
Now, I found the company that be build by a friend.
The SHSMOD is transferred there. I don't touch it at all after the switch over.

I will try to ask the function of the present equivalent handled as reportware. But, a promise can't be done.

When it becomes a product, I thinks that the requests, support of the new chip,
coexistence with the built-in modem with NS, WinBond,
NT Version,
will be supported.

If you have interesting about bundle SHSMOD with your product, Please mail to me. It is transferred to my friend.

It is not widely known, but the serial ports on motherboards and add-in cards that use the some I/O controllers will support operation at greater than 115200 bps.
I checked mother boards in Akihabara electric town and local PC stores. The I/O controller chips was used with 90% or more of the newest mother boards.

All they need is the proper software to enable and program these high speed modes. That is what this page provides.

M1543(Aladdin IV+,V south bridge)
Serial ports provided by these chips will run at 230400 and 460800 bps.

Serial ports provided by these chips will run at 230400/460800/921600 bps.

Serial ports provided by these chips will run at 230400 and 460800 bps.

W83877TF(TF only, A/F/AF not supported) W83977F/AF/TF/ATF
Serial ports provided by these chips will run at 230400/460800/921600 bps.

You don't need to open your computer's cover. The SHSMOD utility can detect support chips. For details, please read shsmod's document.

Driver patches and supported chips.

Maker Name Windows95/98
ALI M1543 O X X O X
M1543C ?? X X ?? X
NS PC87308 O X X O X
PC87307 O X X O X
PC87317 O X X O X
PC97307 O X X O X
PC97317 O X X O X
PC87309 O X X O X
PC87338 O X X O X
PC97338 ?? X X ?? X
SMC 37C665IR O O O O O
37C666IR O O O O O
37C669 O O O O O
37C669FR O O X O O
37C67x O O X O O
37C68x O O X O O
37C93x O O O O O
37C93XFR O O X O O
37C957FR X O X X O
37M60x O X X O X
37M61x O X X O X
37B72x O X X O X
37B77x O X X O X
37B78x O X X O X
37B80x O X X O X
37N769 O X X O X
37N958FR O X X O X
Winbond W83877TF O X X O X
W83977A/F/AF/ATF O X X O X



SHS17.ZIP 36K for Windows95/Windows98update 25-Aug-1998 SHSMOD V1.7a
shs17d.zip 25K SHSMOD V1.7d(source and binary only,download with SHS17.ZIP)

shs18b03.zip 26K V1.8 beta 03(source and binary only,download with SHS17.ZIP))

Even if you are the other OS user, run SHSMOD.EXE under DOS to detect the chips.


SHSNT4U1.ZIP 44K update 22-Feb-97 Driver Patch for Windows NT4.0 US.

(Please wait for a while new version for new SMC,ALI,NS,Winbond chips)


shsmod17a-linux.tar.gz 7K Update 07-Sep-98 Linux Patch V1.7a by youji takeuchi

If you can't get ".gz" file with binary mode, shift + mouse right click, select "Save Link As...".

Patch for 2.2.x by ngonda@mb.kcom.ne.jp


shsmode-1.1-freebsd.tar.gz 5K Update 16-Jun-97FreeBSD Patch V1.1 by Bun Mizuhara

If you can't get ".gz" file with binary mode, shift + mouse right click, select "Save Link As...".
If you want newer version, send youji takeuchi backing mail. :-)
The Linux is used by him sometimes, but the FreeBSD is used mainly.


The over115K programs are "ReportWare". Please send report to me.

Bulletin Board. -- add your report/question/opinion etc. And check tips,trouble shooting etc.
Bulletin Board for report(Japanese). -- add your over115K report or check newer machine list

A-Trend ATC-5020+(BIOS ver1.1 000) SMC37C67x at 03f0h
AiR 54TPI-S SMC37C665IR at 03f0h
AOpen AP53 SMC37C669
AOpen AP5T-2 SMC FDC37C932QF
AOpen AP5T SMC37C669 at 03f0h
AOpen AX59PRO Winbond W83877TF at 0250h
AOpen AX5T REV3.1 SMC37C93xAPM at 03f0h
AOpen AX6B R1.10 Winbond W83977TF at 03f0h
ASUS P/I-P55TP4/XE SMC37C665IR at 03f0h
ASUS P2B-DS Winbond W83977 at 03f0h
ASUS P2B-LS Winbond W83977 at 03f0h
ASUS P2B Winbond W83977 at 03f0h
ASUS XP55T2P4 Rev1.3 SMC37C669 at 03f0h mail
ASUSTeK P/I-AP55TV Rev.1,22 SMC37C93xFR at 03f0h
DCS S7AX (Aladdin V)
DEC Alpha164SX(Linux) SMC37c669 mail
DELL Dimension XPS R400 SMC37B77x at 0370h
DELL XPS R300 NS PC97307 at 002eh mail
Elite P6BX-A+ Winbond W83977 at 03f0h
Epox EP-51MVP3E-M Winbond W83877TF at 03f0h
EPSON Direct Endeavor ATX-7000
EPSON Direct Endever AT-6900
FIC PA-2011
FIC PA-2013 Winbond W83877TF at 03f0h
FIC VA-503+ Winbond W83877TF
FUJITSU Biblo(FM-V5133NU/W) SMC37C669 at 03f0h mail
FUJITSU FMV-5100D5 SMC37C93x at 03f0h
FUJITSU FMV-5100NC/S SMC37C669FR at 03f0h
FUJITSU FMV-5120D5 SMC37C93x at 03f0h
FUJITSU FMV-TOWNS GS SMC37C93x at 03f0h mail
FUJITSU FMV T20 SMC37C93x at 03f0h
FUJITSU FMV6200T5 NS PC87308 at 002eh mail
GATEWAY2000 P5-133 IntelOEM(Mailman)AMI-BIOS 10.00.07DQ0TU SMC37C93xFR at 03f0h
GATEWAY2000 P5-166
GATEWAY2000 P5-200 Intell LN430TX SMC37C67x at 03f0h
GATEWAY2000 P5-200MMX (Mother board: Mailman)
GigaByte GA-5AX ALI M1543 at 03f0h
IBM Aptiva 550 (2144-N40)
IBM Aptiva 555 (2144-N41) SMC37C93x at 0370h
IBM Aptiva 560 SMC37C93x at 0370h mail
IBM Aptiva 740 SMC37C93x at 0370h
IBM Aptiva 755 (2168-N61) SMC37C93x at 0370h mail
IBM Aptiva 765 SMC37C93x at 0370h mail
IBM Aptiva 770
IBM Aptiva 775 2168-S55 SMC37C93x at 0370h mail
IBM PC-330(6873-JCP) SMC37C93x at 0370h mail
IBM PC-340(6560-J7T) SMC37C669 at 0370h mail
IBM ThinkPad235 NS PC87338 at 002eh
Iwill P55TU SMC37C669 at 03f0h mail
Iwill P55TV SMC665IR mail
Iwill Side Jr-Pro(I/O card) SMC665IR
M Technology Stallion AT - M628 SMC37C67x
Micron MILLENIA XKU NS PC97307 at 002eh
MSI MS-5156 Winbond W83977
MSI MS-5169 ALI M1543 at 03f0h
MSI MS-5163 ALI M1543 at 03f0h
MTC MTMV-XT5(same as AOpen AX5T-2?) SMC37C93xFR at 03f0h mail
NEC NX VersaPro VA20C NS PC87338 at 0398h
NEC VALUESTAR-NX VS20C SMC37C67x at 0370h mail
Packard Bell NEC Avanza NX-NB(PC-AZ20CWSAAU23) NS PC87338 at 0398h
Packard Bell NEC P2200L (Intel VS440FX ?) NS PC87307 at 002eh mail
Panasonic Let's note S21 NS PC87338 at 002eh
Quantex 233 mhz Pentium II mail
SHARP Mebius PC-A325 to PC-A355 SMC665IR mail
SHARP Mebius PC-A365 SMC665IR mail
Soyo SY-5EA5(ETEQ82C661x) SMC37C669 at 03f0h
TYAN S1570D (Tomcat III) SMC37C665IR at 03f0h
TYAN S1662 Titan-Pro/S1668 Titan-Pro-ATX SMC37C665IR at 03f0h mail
TYAN S1686D TAHOE2 SMC37C669 at 0370h mail
TYAN S1832DL Tiger100 NS PC87309 at 002eh
TYAN Tiger2 NS PC87309 at 002eh mail

When the revisions of the board changed, the different chip may be used.
Please make sure chips on board. When you purchase it, especially the attention be necessary.

SIO Support WWW Server OS/2 shareware serial driver, sio v1.60 supports SMC's high speed mode.

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