Railways in Korea

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Shint'anri station, the terminus of the Kyongui line.July 1997.
Seoul station

Seoul station building, constructed from 1922 to 1925. Dec 1994
(Top) front
(Left) the platform
(Bottom) from north
Pusan station
Pusan station building. Jul 1996
Train indicator
Train indicator, information available partly in English and Japanese. Kyongju station, Jul 1997.

Pidulgi at Munsan station
A local train Pidulgi for Seoul waits to depart at Munsan station, the terminus of the Kyongwon line. Jul 1997
Coach as Pidulgi

(Top) An old coach at Shint'anri station on the Kyongui line. Jul 1997
(Bottom) the inside of a local train on the Kyongwon line.
The inside of Tong-il express
Tong-il express from Pusan to P'ohang. Fully air-conditiond coaches. Jul 1996

A new diesel car for Tong-il

New style DMUs operated as Tong-il express at Uijongbu station on the Kyongui line. Jul 1997

Steam loco
Special steam locomotive at Seoul
A special Mugunghwa express between Seoul and Uijongbu via Seoulkyowoe line hauled by steam locomotive oprerates on every Sunday from April to November. This loco has been imported from China in 1995. North of Seoul station. Jul 1997

Saemaul super-express

Semaul super-express
Saemaul super-express. July 1997
(Top)Near of Seoul. You can see many apartment houses.
(Left)Out of service train at Shinch'on, in front of Ehwa women's university.
(Bottom) Arrived at Ch'ongnyangni station. Jul 1997

Electric loco

A French style electric locomotive at Chongnyangni station. Jul 1997

Subway in Seoul

Subway in Seoul Jul 1997
(Top) A new livery at Ch'ongnyangni station.
(Left)An old livery at Inch'on station
(Bottom) Line No.2
(Click here to jump to the Seoul Subway webpage-- heavy traffic!)

Railway museum
Railway museum opened in 1988. Get off the Metro line No.1 at Pugok station. and 10 min. walk. Aug 1996

(Click here to look at the preserved diesel cars had operated between Suwon and Inchon formerly)

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