Introduction of sheet-metal deployment software New 7/27


This software is used in order to process a plate and to manufacture solid goods.
Generally, a development is created using fixed projection from the form of a finished product.
A development is traced to the plate material processed based on this development, and it will be processed into it.
Even if this method uses CAD, it needs much time.


Form of a product          ===>       Development  


This program creates a development automatically.
Only by inputting required formed data, data required in order to draw a sheet-metal development can be acquired.
Moreover, a development can be outputted by DXF formal data.
Or it is possible to create NC data.

[Main functions]
1. 58 kinds of deployment are possible 
2. Calculation of Digital Data Required for Drawing of Development
3. Calculation of Area
4. Development Can be Checked on Screen.
5. Printer Output of Calculation Result
6. File Output of Calculation Result
7. DXF Data Out of Development
8. Correspond to Mouse Operation and Keyboard Operation.
9. Correspond to Deployment in consideration of Board Thickness.
10. Draw Cutting Auxiliary Line at the Time of DXF Output.
11. Development of Body Corresponds to Two Kinds, Deployment to Plate, and Deployment to Cylinder.
12. Form Based on Inputted Value Can be Checked on Screen.