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last updated: 1997/6/18

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What's fMSX98?

fMSX98 is MSX2 emulator runs at PC-9801 or PC-AT clone with 486 or upper CPU, and it has some advantages in speed and has some extensions than the original fMSX(for UNIX, DOS, WIN95), made by Marat Fayzullin.


  • fMSX98/AT versinon 1.1f test 2(Updated 96/09/11)
  • go32 for PC-9801
  • go32 for DOS/V(PC-AT)


  • You can use almost all MSX/MSX2's programs in ROM,Mega-ROM,2DD disk and tape on PC-9801 or PC-AT clone with fMSX98/AT.
  • It has enough speed to emulate Z80 CPU with 486DX2/50, for its some modules are written in assembler.
  • It can emulate PSG/SCC/FM-synthesizer.
  • You can use 2DD disks directly, and also use disk image files.

    Now Inplementing...

    fMSX98/AT versinon 1.2h 1997/6/12
    No documentation. This is test version.

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