Last Update 11/30/1999

Shut Up! Ir for Windows98

Copyright (c) 1999 Hiromu Okada

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Do you use 3COM IrEnhance, IBM IrSync, or IS/Complete IrLink to HotSync over your infrared port to your Windows 98 computer?
Perhaps you have noticed that you must change the "Beam Receive" preference on your Palm to OFF to avoid seeing the "Beam Waiting for Sender" dialog box. 
This means you have to change your settings in order to receive beamed data from another Pilot. 
How annoying!

The problem is that your Palm gets confused by activity on your PC's infrared port. 
There is no way to stop or adjust the interval of this activity in the Microsoft Infrared Monitor 3.0 settings.

This software disables activity on your PC's infrared port, so that you won't have to keep "Beam Receive" off. 
You'll be able to use "Infrared Hotsync" and receive data from another Palm user without changing your preferences.
And you can hold "Beam Receive" preference on your Palm to ON for infrared remote software.

This software doesn't have a window or a task tray icon. 
All you have to do is run shutupir.exe and the infrared port activity will stop.

For Infrared HotSync on PalmOS3.0/3.1:You must install 3COM-IrEnhance (or IBM-IrSync and IS/Complete-IrLink ) into the Palm.
For Infrared HotSync on PalmOS3.3 or later:You don' t have to install any IR module.

Disclaimer of Warranty:

We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by this software.


Copyright (c) 1999 Hiromu Okada.


Do not redistribute, modify or add to the software or compressed archive
file without permission of the copyright holder. 

Shut Up! Ir version1.0 down load


Table of contents:

1.System requirements
4.How to use
5.How to register
6.Support contact

1.System requirements:

Windows98 compatible machine equipped with an Infrared port.


Version 1.0.0


Extract shutupir.exe from the zip file.  You may wish to create a folder to
keep the file in.

4.How to use:

To disable infrared activity until the next time you reboot, run
shutupir.exe.  It won't do much when you first run it.  The infrared icon
in your task tray will stop blinking.

To disable infrared activity all the time, put a shortcut to shutupir.exe
in your StartUp folder.

5.How to register:

This software is freeware.

6.Support :

For more information or to get a new version please visit:


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