My favorites



This calculator has been my right hand for more than 10 years. This can calculate 1-4-8-16-32 bit DEC, HEX, OCT, BIN numeric. For me, as a computer programmer, this calculator is so necessary and so useful. This has 0-9 ten key and A to F key. It's easy to input HEX numeric.

I bought this in Japan, but this comes with english package, japanese manual. I don't know why still now. The price was not expensive, less than $50 maybe. I cann see "Computer math calc" Nickname print arround LCD.

I've been using this more than 10 years. There were several other function calculators, but this calculator survived. This is a one og my best my favorites goods. It always helps me.

When I got this calculator, I'd been used for Assembler programming, and later now, I've been using this for curent Windows program development.

You can see small label at the bottom of LCD. There was a key. Pressing the key makes me so crazy. Because this key is for leaving HEX,BIN mode. I did reset my several minutes result value so many times, because this reset key stays next to HEX key and I did mis-touch. I hate this key and cut it off and stamp on it. :-)