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- moving cursor question (curMove)

7-dansane ( (33)29 (14.56)vi is the best text editor in the world.
6-dankaz17.6546.702.6510.10 (33)32 (11.87)I'm struggling with my tiny Cassiopeia Fiva. Next target is 8-dan!!
2-danMartin29.3446.701.5918.25 (33)33 (18.25)funny program. I will practice :-)
2-danTomnol( (56)50 (27.57)I think that I can use small portion of the usability of vi ..., I should keep practicing.
2-danWill( (42)36 (24.32)Vi rules!

- editing question (q1.vms)

2-dansane ( (114)104 (62.59) 

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