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What's DesktopJanitor?

DesktopJanitor stores your desktop and restores its status, including Desktop Theme, Window condition (status), Icon locations, Screen settings (Height, Width, Depth), Application Switcher status. This small utility lets you assign several applications, scripts, and documents for your convenience. It's really convenient after kids play around your Mac and some pop-up windows are missing, icons aren't there where you don't want, Badly behaved game changed your monitor settings. Moreover, you guys can keep your "particular" desktop settings and change it as necessary.

Download Latest DesktopJanitor (588kb)

System requirement

  • English Mac OS 8.5 or newer
  • AppleScript extension
  • PowerPC only, just tested on 7600/120 and iMac, G3 233 Mhz.
  • Memory 1772 KB and 460 KB free space on HD.
  • "Jon's Command scripting addition" may be necessary to restore Monitor width or height, or just Monitor depth would be restored.
  • Japanese version is also available. You may need English version if you're using JLK.

How to use DesktopJanitor?

It's pretty simple. Just check boxes for storing items and press "Store Desktop" button. Please refer details here.

It's Free for Parents with Kids!

This small utility was developed for Parents with small kids, who start to play on Mac. They're smart enough to learn and enjoy but are sometimes lazy for cleaning up your desktop. If you have kids, it's free (no certification necessary!) because I do understand your situation. Just e-mail me for your comment. However, if you feel comfortable to support my software development and coffee consumption, this small utility could be worth 2 $. Send me check or equivalent stuff (old or new die cast "Hot wheels", beautiful card or picture, stamp, anything is fine) to address below.

P.O.Box 1782 Gibsons, Canada V0N 1V0
Hiroshi Shimase

Version History

 Ver 1.0.2 (E)  Mar. 13 '99 First Release version of DesktopJanitor for English system.

Are you interested in AppleScript or RealBasic?

If you're interested in AppleScript or RealBasic, I believe DesktopJanitor is one of good sample. RealBasic is nice tool for rapid interface generation (also object? oriented) which AppleScript lacks. AppleScript - RealBasic combination is something to look at because they make up for each other. Feel free to contact me for programming discussion. I also have been spending many years on "Object - oriented world", I still believe Smalltalk is the best language form the view of rapid development (RealBasic is nice but not best due to its incomplete treatment for Object).

See sample codes...

Contact Information

If you have any comment, feel free to e-mail me. I could modify this utility and fix bug(s) as per your request.

Legal Statement and Distribution

The software and this instructions are provided "as is" without any kind of warranty. The author Hiroshi (Dan) Shimase do not warrant, guarantee, or make any representation regarding to use, or the results of the use of this software. The entire risk regarding for the use this software is on you.
All of the rights of this software (source, distribution, etc.) belong to the Author Hiroshi Shimase. The software has to be distributed with this instruction and the author should be noticed prior to the distribution
via e-mail, but no confirmation is necessary.

This REALbasic Webring site is owned by Hiroshi Shimase.

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