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About Decimal BASIC Overview System requirements and file organization SETUP.BAT Introduction PRINT Calculation Variables FOR ... NEXT IF ... END IF DO ... LOOP DEF Quotients and remainders Trigonometric functions Logarithmic functions Curves and Graphs Graphics Exception Handling Arrays Sample programs INTRODUCTION to Full BASIC References Manipulation On help Moving Cursors Function keys File Munu Run Menu Window menu Help Menu Edit menu Cut Copy Paste Serach Replase Insert Keywords Add line numbers Change case Wordwrap Option menu Syntax Numeric values Graphics Compatibilities Auto correct on compiling Auto formatting on key input Font Function keys Option settings Text output window File menu Edit menu Option menu Graphics Window File menu Edit Menu Option Menu Size Color index Font Erase before run Debug Debug Foundation Lines Line continuation REM Identifiers and Reserved words Main Program and External procedures Program Characters Numbers Numbers LET OPTION ANGLE OPTION ARITHMETIC DECLARE NUMERIC Supplied functions Numeric Functions (General) ) Exponential and Logarithmic functions Trigonometric Functions Hyperbolic functions Random numbers MAXNUM and EPS Numeric constants and others Date and Time Original enhancement Strings Strings Substring String functions Bit pattern manipulation DECLARE STRING Multi-byte characters Original enhancement Input and Output PRINT PRINT USING Zone width and margin INPUT INPUT PROMPT INPUT TIMEOUT INPUT ELAPSED LINE INPUT CHARACTER INPUT SET ECHO READ and DATA READ IF MISSING Keyboard (original enhancement) Arrays Arrays Array functions MAT statements String MAT statements MAT READ MAT INPUT MAT PRINT MAT PRINT USING MAT REDIM (original enhancement) Imperative DIM (original enhancement) Graphics Coordinates Color indices PLOT POINTS PLOT LINES PLOT AREA (Filled Polygon) PLOT TEXT MAT PLOT MAT PLOT CELLS ASK PIXEL GET POINT CLEAR VIEWPORT, DEVICE WINDOW, DEVICE VIEWPORT LOCATE CHOICE and LOCATE VALUE AXES and GRID (original enhancement) Circles and Disks (original enhancement) Real-time Mouse Input (original enhancement) Pixel coordinate (original enhancement) Pixel Size (original enhancement) Filling (original enhancement) Save and Load (original enhancement) Color mode (original enhancement) Special Effects (original enhancement) Metafiles and printers Control structures Logical expressions IF ... END IF ELSEIF IF-statement SELECT ... END SELECT DO ... LOOP FOR ... NEXT Control statements CHAIN Declare statements WAIT DELAY and PAUSE (original enhancement) Execute other programs (original enhancement) Miscellaneous Original Enhancement Exception Handling Exception Handling WHEN EXCEPTION IN ... USE ... END WHEN Propagation of exception Nonfatal exception CAUSE EXCEPTION EXIT HANDLER WHEN EXCEPTION USE and HANDLER EXTYPE function Procedures DEF Internal Functions External Functions DECLARE EXTERNAL FUNCTION Internal Subprograms External Subprograms Internal and External procedures Variable parameters Array parameters Recursive call EXIT-statements Program units Picture definition External Picture Internal Picture Transformation with arrays Transform assignment Modules Original enhancement of PUBLIC-statement LOCAL MERGE OLE, ActiveX Windows API and external DLLs Callback function PackDBL$, UnPackDBL, WinHANDLE functions Files Overview OPEN # INPUT # CHARACTER INPUT # PRINT # ERASE # SET # POINTER Other SET and ASK statements CLOSE # Internal files Stream files CSV Files COM-ports (Serial ports) Original enhancements Original enhancements (Printer) Original Enhancement (TextWindow) Debugging Debug Complex numbers and rational numbers Complex numbers Complex numbers Complex functions Enhancement for transform functions Rational numbers Rational numbers Functions on rational mode Language Specifications Differences from the standard 2. Conformance with the standard 4. Program elements 5. Numbers 6. Strings 7. Arrays 8. Control Structures 9. Program Segmentation 10. Input and Output 11. Files 12. Exception handling and Debugging 13. Graphics 17. Individual character input 18. Modules Supplementary explanations Restrictions Differences from other BASICs Differences between Minimal BASIC and Full BASIC Differences from the obsolete minimal BASIC Differences from Microsoft BASIC Differences from Microsoft BASIC Variables and Operations Input and Output Control statements END-statement MOD operator Supplied functions Files Graphics Error handling Special commands in N88BASIC Differences from True BASIC Differences in Behavior Differences in Syntax Other differences Information about this system Command line parameters BASIC.INI BASIC.BAK Multiple execution of BASIC.EXE Customize the words for case changing Customize the keywords on the Keyword catalog Other information Trouble shooting Known faults

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