SET BITMAP SIZE (original enhancement)

SET BITMAP SIZE width, height
sets the number of pixels of the bitmap, where width, height are numeric expressions.
This statement can be executed only on the bitmap graphics mode.
The problem coordinates are set to 0 at left end, 1 at right end, 0 at bottom end, 1 at top end.
This statement is equivalent to the following Full BASIC codes except that it does not initialize the image.

IF width=height THEN
   SET DEVICE WINDOW 0,1,0,(height-1)/(width-1)
   SET VIEWPORT 0,1,0,(height-1)/(width-1)
   SET DEVICE WINDOW 0,(width-1)/(height-1),0.1
   SET VIEWPORT 0,(width-1)/(height-1),0.1
SET WINDOW 0,1,0,1