1. Manipulation of BASIC

1.1 Manipulation of BASIC system

1.1.1 Installation of Decimal BASIC

Download BASIC744En.zip (or later) from Decimal BASIC main page ,then open it and copy the BASICw32 folder to a regular folder or the drive where you want to install Decimal BASIC.

1.1.2 Starting BASIC

To start BASIC, open the folder where you put the system of decimal BASIC with an Explorer and double-click BASIC.EXE or .
Windows may display a Security Warning. If so, select 'Run'.

1.1.3 Using Help

If a vacuous help window as shown below appears when you click the help icon or the help menu, exit BASIC and follow the procedure mentioned below.

Open the folder where Decimal BASIC has been installed, double-click BASIC.chm .
Then the following dialog appears. Remove the check on "Always ask before opening this file", and then click "Open".

Then close the help and re-start BASIC.

1.2 Execution of a program

1.1.1 Execution of sample programs

Decimal BASIC is provided with many sample programs. Try to read and execute them. Click to read in a program from the file.
Click to execute.
Some programs take time for executing. To abort a program, click .

Programs included in the Textfile folder generate files. Do not execute before you understand the meaning of the programs.

1.1.2 Input and Execution of a program

When BASIC is started, program input is ready.
The keyword 'END' is already input.
Enter a program and push the F9 key to run.

1.1.3 Finishing BASIC

Select 'Exit' from the File menu to finish BASIC.