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MultiMax : DOWNLOAD / How to install and uninstall

MultiMax - Multiband Audio Limiter (Win) : SHAREWARE
Latest Ver 3.29 (Language:English)

Download Setup Program

Please launch setup program by simply double-clicking the icon. The Windows applicable setup program starts automatically. MultiMax program will be installed at "C:\winnt\Program Files\ToshiSoftware\MutiMax_e" folder by default. You can uninstall this program by "Add/Remove Programs" from Control Panel.

Download Windows applicable Setup Program - MultiMaxInstall_E.msi

Download Simple ZIP File

No installer program is included in this ZIP file. Please unzip it into a folder you like. After unzipping, you can find two executable files. "MultiMax.exe" is the main program. To remove MultiMax from your PC, please drag & drop the unzipped files or folder into trash on desktop. This operation will cause no problem for your PC because MultiMax uses no system registry.

Download ZIP File -

MultiMax is a shareware

The trial version is allowed to play or process WAV files for only 90 seconds. To use full version, the user must purchase a license. The unregistered software can be freely copied and distributed so long as no modification is made in the archive package.

How to purchase a license key

shareit!The on-line registration service is available at "ShareIt" web site. Please access to the following address. Only English language is available for now.


MULTIMAX supports only WAV format for audio files. If you wish to process MP3 format sound files, please try the other program FabulousMP3 which has the same audio compression engine as MULTIMAX3.


Update Information

V3.28 - The bug, that the correct normalize level may be not obtained, has been fixed.
V3.27 - The window size control has been modified to be changeable to fit the windows appearance.
V3.24 - The signal process has been optimized and the performance has been improved by about 30%.
v3.20 - Improved the adjustment 'Bass Attack Time' to get more punch to edge of kick drum.
v3.17 - Added: The option "Start ON-AIR MODE automatically when booting up" has been added.
v3.16 - Added: Capable to register up to 400 songs to the playlist.
v3.15 - Fixed the minor bug regarding WAVE file format
v3.14 - Added the new preset "FM - Smooth Listening"
v3.13 - Added the stereo enhancing options
v3.12 - Added the release time parameter for 2-band AGC.

MultiMax Screen