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Original Songs

Programming and recordings at home using DAW software

The following is my original home recording list that I created using the DAW software SONAR as a hobby. My first musical instrument that dates back to 1976 is the stratcaster electric guitar. Recently I'm so interested in the DAW software that enables to edirt my performance and make it better!

Midnight Diamond Rain
I composed this song in 1987. The original was sung by a female vocalist, but this is an acoustic piano version. (You Tube)

Sea Breeze
The latest recording. The first solo part is played using 'Ovation Custom Legend 1869'. (You Tube)

Smooth Howling
The drum pattern was created using EZDRUMMER's presets. The overdrive stomp 'BOSS SD-1' is used for the main stratcaster.

Summer Vacation
The main guitar is the Ovation Classic 1863-4. It was recorded directly from its output jack.

Java Tee Jazz(Long Version)
The main instrument is the fender stratcaster, and the brass and strings sound are added to make it like a big band. The octaver stomp is used for the main stratcaster.

Three Hours Rock
This is a guitar song created for 3 hours. The distortion stomp 'RAT' was used.

This is a guitar and hammond organ song.

Midnight Diamond Rain Piano Solo
This piano sound is by 'Virtual Grand Piano'. An old Steinway piano was sampled and it sounds pretty fabulous.

Loop Groove V1 (in progress)
The song in progress currently. It is made from only the loop samples included in the SONAR X1 package.