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(Q) How can I uninstall Ws...E?
Delete Ws...E using the install/Uninstall tab in the Add/Remove Programs Properties control panel. Then delete the entire folder containing Ws...E.

(Q) When I updated, I renamed the folder containing the previous version to retain the software. Is it necessary for the new version to work?
If you find the new version works correctly, delete the old version with the whole folder.

(Q) Because my hard disk crashed, I reinstalled the operating system. Then Ws...E became unregistered. How should I fix this problem?.
The registration number is issued corresponding to the product number of your operating system. Therefore, even if your hard disk has crashed, as far as you reinstall the same operating system, the current registration number will be adaptable.

(Q) I have changed up the operating system. Can a new registration number be issued.
Considering to virsion-up of your operating system, we admit an reissue of the registration number only one time.

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