Multiff Ver.0.68

Copyright(c) 2011 DD SOFT


OS Requirement and Installation
OS Requirement

Functional Limitation
  1. Number and size of files that can be handled at the same time
  2. Use of JPEG Original TIFF6.0 Spec files
  3. Printing


  1. Doubleclick Multiff.exe
  2. Open file(s) from File Open in File menu
  3. Edit file from Delete/Extract in Page Menu
  4. Following edition, tempimage.tif will be created in the application folder.
  5. Save tempimage.tif as an appropriate filename by selecting SaveAs in File Menu.

* File Open

  1. Open TIFF file by Select File Open from Open Menu or by drag and dropping from Explorer

* File Save

* File Saveas

* Import

* Acquire images

* PDF conversion(PDF Ver1.4)

  1. Select "Convert to PDF" from File menu
  2. Enter files name and press OK button

* File split

  1. Open file from File menu
  2. Select Split File from File menu
  3. Each image in the selected file will be stored individually.

* Combine file

  1. Select Combine Files from File menu
  2. Create file list to be combined using File operation in the combine file list window
  3. Single combined TIFF file will be created according to the listed order

* Divide file

  1. Open a file to be divided
  2. Select the page (file will be divided before the page)
  3. Select Divide from Page menu and then select single-page tif or jpeg
  4. Divided files will be created as original file name + "_1" and "_2"
* Print file
  1. Select Print from File menu
  2. Press printer button after specifying printing area and other layout options
Page operation

* Replace pages

  1. Select Replace from Page menu
  2. Select Reverse Order or Even and Odd Pages

* Extract pages

  1. Select Extract from Page menu
  2. Specify start and end pages
  3. Press OK button

* Delete pages

  1. Select Delete from Page menu
  2. Specify start and end pages
  3. Press OK button Note: Pages are also deleted by pressing right mouse button on thumbnails (The file needs be saved following deleteion). j

* Insert page

  1. Select insert from Page menu
  2. Select TIF file from the page insertion dialog
  3. Specify page position to be inserted and whether before or after the page
  4. Press OK button
* Move page
  1. Drag and drop pages in thumbnail window
  2. Save or saveas the file
* Remove blank pages
  1. Select Remove Blank Pages from Page menu
  2. Save or saveas the file
File List Operation(For File Combination Window)

* Add one file to the list

* Add multiple files to a folder

  1. Select add from Folder in File menu
  2. Specify a folder containing designated files Note: Files are added also by drag-and-dropping the file from Explorer.

* Delete file from list

* Change order of file list


* Basic tab

* View tab


Multiff can automate using DMonkey Script, a Delphi scripting engine that is lower compatible with ECMAScript(JavaScript). For more details, please refer to the Japanese site below.

Creation of macro

Run and Stop Macro

Multiff Objects

Following creation of a main object Mtapp, page and file operation should described.

mt = new Mtapp;

Multiff fucntion

Sample script

* Sample1.dms 
mt = new Mtapp;"c:\\buffer.tif");
mt.rangeextract(2, 4);"c:\\buffer2_4.tif", false);"c:\\buffer.tif");
mt.rangeextract(6, 9);"c:\\buffer6_9.tif", false);

Disclaimer and Thanks