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The Sacred Sword 'Weaponer' and the Omniscient Staff 'Intellion' Hi!, I am a thief. The Sacred Sword 'Weaponer' and the Omniscient Staff 'Intellion'
Hello, again!
I'll show you some hints for 'Tower of the Sorcerer'.
(But I hope you'll solve the game by yourself if possible.)

By the way, I will make escape tunnel if you could come to Dragon.
I wait for you.

I am a merchant I am a merchant.
I'll tell you hints about the altar.
The secrets of altars will be clear if you click me.

I am SlimeLord I am SlimeLord.
I live in area five.
But today, I will explain the secrets of the big Octupus on floor 16 in the second area.

I am an old man I am an old man.
You need the orb of the hero to use the save function.
So, please get this item from me on the 3rd floor.
I will explain about the secret of 'At three o'clock' on floor 39.

I am a princess I am a princess.
I am caught on floor 26 in Tower.
Please rescue me!
I will explain the second half of the game...

I am brave-man. I am brave-man.
I will tell you all about Lucky Gold.
Have you found it yet?
You get twice as much gold when you beat monsters, if you have it!

This BGM is 'the ending theme'.