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Here is the first area.
The enemies here are comparatively weak.
But the Skeleton who has a sword and a shield is rather trouble some.
Learn to master the basic operation and tactics in this area.

My name is Skeleton A

I am the boss of the first area, Skeleton A!
I am able to sing.
'ske-le, kel, kel, skeleton, kel, kel, ske-le, skeleton, ske-le, kel, kel, skeleton,......'

Let's introduce the monsters!

My name is Skeleton B I am Skeleton B, the 1st apprentice of Mr.Skeleton!

My name is Sleleton C I am Skeleton C, the 2nd apprentice of Mr.Skeleton!

My name is a Red slime I am a Red Slime.
Everyone just calls me slime R. (R is for red)

My name is a Green slime I am a Green Slime.
Everybody just calls me slime G. (G is for green)
I am always bullied from everybody.
*sniff*sniff*Weeping.... *sniff*sniff*

I am bat I am bat.
I am able to fly in the sky.

I am a priest I am a priest.

My name is Gate-keeper B ...... (Gate-keeper B)

My name is Gate-keeper C ...... (My name is Gate-keeper C.)

This BGM is known as 'the theme of the skeleton corps'.