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Here is the second area.
The undead system, (Zombies, Vampires and the like) will appear.
They are really powerful, and you will need the cross if you're thinking about fighting them.
The Giant Octopus is ready for you on this route.
And when you beat him, the precious item will appear.
It is more difficult than the first block(1st-10th floor), so be careful.

I am Vampire

I am The Vampire, the boss of this area!
If there's one thing I don't like, It's a cross!

Let's introduce the members of the army corps of immortal force.

I am a Zombie Knight I am a Zombie Knight who serves Mr.Vampire!
I dislike the cross, same with Mr.Vampire.

I am a Zombie I am a Zombie.
I don't like the cross, too.

I am a Rock I am a Rock.
I cannot speak because I don't have a mouth.
I cannot move because I don't have feet.
You will need great strength in order to beat me.

I am a big slime I am a big slime.
I am the weakest in this area.

I am a big bat I am a big bat.
I am able to fly the sky.

I am a Superion Priest I am a Superion Priest.
It is a great mistake, to mistake me for the priest that was in the first area!

Big octopus I am the Giant Octopus.
When you beat me, an item will appear...

This BGM is known as 'the theme of the corps of immortal force'.