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This area is presided over by the Knight corps which is made up of Knights, Swordsmen, Soldiers and the like.
Though every soldier has high fighting power, the boss never means what he says.
For that reason, this Golden Knight seems to be disliked by the other bosses.
This area's boss may weak, but on the way, the giant Dragon will stop your progress.

Golden Knight

You clicked me!
For this you shall die!

But, today, I am receiving an order to introduce the members of the Golden Knight corps.
I guess I'll tell you about it. But you'd better be greatful, and say 'Thank You'.

Knight I am a Knight!

Swordsman I am a Swordsman!
It will be difficult for you to beat me.
I am better than you, because I have two swords.

Ghost Soldier I am a Ghost Soldier.
I never die because I'm dead already.
oooOOOOooo...... Boo!

I am Soldier. I am a Soldier.

Slimeman I am a Slime Man!

Dragon I am the Dreadful Dragon...

This BGM is known as 'the theme of the Golden Knight corps'.