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I am a princess

I am a princess.
Please rescue me!

I'll tell you about the special items in 'Tower of the Sorcerer'.

The orb of the hero This is the orb of the hero.
It will analyze the player's strength and the monster's strength, and forecast who will win.
But, when your strength is doubled by the cross and other items, keep in mind that this extra strength only works against certain creatures (like the Vampire and Zombie Knight).

You also need this item to use the save function.
So, please get this item from the old man on the 3rd floor.

The orb of wisdom This is the orb of wisdom.
It will remember any information which you have heard.
When you look at the information later, you may find out something new.

You can get this item on the 6th floor.
But you must beat Skeleton B before getting it.

The orb of flying This is the orb of flying.
If you use this next to stairs, you will be able to fly up or down any stairs which you have already been to (Like an elevator!).
It can never be exhausted, no matter how many times you use it(So please use it a lot, because it saves time!)

This item is very convenient.
You can get it on the 1st floor.
But you must beat Skeleton B before getting it.

The Mattock This is a magic mattock.
It can pull down the wall sides.
This is a very effective item.

When you beat big octopus that is on the 16th floor, this item will appear.

The Elixir This is the elixir.
This is the magic medicine.
It will recover your vital power according to your offensive and defensive powers at that time.

Someone already has this item, but they might give it to you...

The destructible ball This is the destructible ball.
This is a bomb.
It can destroy any enemy character who is too strong.
But it has no effect against a part of the enemy character.

The Space Staff This is a very treasured item, the Space Staff.
You can warp to other places on the same floor.
You can't know where you will go.
Strange things may happen when you use it in certain areas.

There are 15 special items. Collect them all!
This BGM is 'the princess's theme'.