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  Automated Composing System is so called Algorithmic Composition software.
It generates pops, jazz, classic, and ethnic music.
You can have original midi files for background music of home video, original games, and web site without musical knowledges.
Creates original song automatially!

You can make your own original music with the Automated Composing System. All you have to do is select music style. 
The Automated Composing System generates Ethnic Music such as Okinawa music (Japan Traditional), Scotland music and Andes music, Gamelan music (Indonesian music) as well as Western pops and Classical Music. (If you are interested in Okinawa music, Scotland music, or Andes music, go to "Ethnic Music Room" of this site.) It also generates Game music that can be used for BGM of video games. Even though this program does not generate a good tune, you can get some ideas for your compositions. 

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Download is here!

Automated Composing System Version 8.01 Last update 2015/10/06 Next update around 2015/12/31
Windows95 Windows98 Windows Me Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7
Witndows 8
Witndows 10
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Four download links contain almost the same files. (Package format is different. Top one  link is version 7.9, others are older.)

Download 703M Byte Zip of Windows Installer
Download If your pc is Windows Vista and you can not install the program form file that is downloaded from above link, try this one.
(This file is not installer, this file is folder of program package.)
Download 5693K Msi format Windows Installer
Download 5613K ZIP of Program Folder (If you are using old version of Windows, you may download this one.)
Download EXE format
 This version is shareware! $35
New feature of Version 8.01

A bug of Convert function was fixed.


If you have a license of ACS, you can use all musical styles of FirstSongEditor.

About Trial Use
You can use this software as trial for free. However, some functions are disabled before registration.

Even if you had been used up for maximum trial use with older version, you can use new version. Count for trial use will be reset with newer version. 

You can make payment for registration 
Extra music styles
You can download extra music style data.  Put all of the expanded files into ACS directory. Access these files from within the program by using the "Load Parameter" button.
Download ZIP format

What does it?

Generate MIDI and WAV files!
ACS generates MIDI files. You can convert midi files into wav and aiff files. (QuickTime 6.3 required) Generated files can be used for CG work and home videos as back ground music.
These files are free of charge for personal use. If you want use these files for commercial use, please
contact me. In most cases I give you permission to use them for free if it is like using as background music of video game.
(What you can not do is that create thousands of midi files and sell them as sound library.)
When you use these files as back ground music of homepages or video games, I would appreciate it if you put links to this site somewhere on your page or help document, but there are no obligations.  
Create Ringtone melody!
Ringtone melody files can be made. You can convert a midi file into ringtone file such as mmf, mld, or pmd.
Load MIDI file and convert it to another music style!
You can extract music style from an existing MIDI file. By using the extracted music style, you can make a MIDI file that imitates the original tune.

The sample files of ACS music style are at The world traditional music.
Load MIDI file and change music style from an original melody!
You can change music style of MIDI file with convert function. For example, load Yesterday of Beatles and convert it to Classical style or Jazz style.
Create Music of a Completely New Style!
You no longer need to create conventional music style such as pop and classical music. If you have ACS with you, you are now able to create music of a completely new style semi-automatically. Function of generating new music style by random numbers and by mixing the existing music style are ready to use. For instance, if you use the mixing function, you will be able to generate a new style such as "Okinawan Strings Quartet" by mixing "Okinawan Pops" and "Strings Quartet".
here to get basic idea of mixing and importing music sytles.
here for further information of actual operation with ACS.
Learn Music Through Parameters!
.You will learn music through ACS by operating parameters such as "Scale", "Time Sign", and "Basic Beat" and by seeing how they influence music.
here for further information.


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