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Provide information for paying shareware fee
Shareware registration fee
Personal (1 license) $35 (or 3780 Yen )
Payment via the Internet.
(1) Send me info first.
Name, Email address, and just say "I want to buy ACS using Paypal".
(Do not send any money yet!!)
(2) When you get response from me, send password request using request form.    
(3) After sending request form, send money with Paypal.
(4) After your payment, I will send your password with in 10 days. (most cases, the day or the next day of payment.)
If you do not receive anything from me within several days, send request form again.
(Your email address in the request form might be miss typed.)
You can use DL-MARKET to pay shareware fee via the internet.

 Click here for Online Payment! Click [English] of Right-Top of the Page.