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Fixed bugs
After changing the audio-volume of Windows System,  the Automated Composing System did not play next MIDI file. This bug was fixed.
If you fined some bugs, please let me know by e-mail.
Planning to implement of Requested Function 
It would be great to have some more control about certain aspects of the generated music. For instance have a possibility to add staccato and legato notes, maybe regulated by percentages.
It would also be great if there would be more possibilities to change the  tempo, key and meter. A great idea would be to have a possibility to do this  with each composition that is generated. In that way it would be possible to build up a cembalo concerto for instance which varies in tempo and key :)
It would be great to have more possibilities to choose and change  between instruments. An idea could be to leave the graphical user interface in the instruments window intact, but for instance add a scroll bar or  something else that will let you choose any of the gm or gs instrument set :)  In that way so many interesting possibilities would be created.
About the environment window...maybe in a later stadium it would be a possibility to add an ability to load wav files, so one can create all sorts of environments, by putting wav files in a loop.
Other scales would be appreciated (whole tone, diminished, various "modes", input for custom scales). For example, Claude Debussy used a diminished scale, either C D E F# G# A# or C# D# F G A B.
A transposition function would be nice "for the ears" : I like to experiment different keys, even thought it's easy to transpose the midi file in a sequencer, (the same for the tempo),after all, it's only adding semitones, no?  ;-)
About rhythm tracks, as they seem to be pre recorded patterns, it would be great to input midifiles.
As the program generates a chord progression, it would be useful that the user have access to it (maybe a simple text file) as an output. And, why not adding a chord progression input ? (the user writes enters a written chord progression)
The "Make 1st measure blank" puts the time signature between a quarter rest and a dotted half rest.
Why not make it so people can implement their own melodies into the songs? 
I suggest that you use the instrument names as spelled in the General Midi list of instruments.  I've noticed some spelling variations. 
Could you somehow identify which buttons are selected in each of the "music styles"?  When the user defines their own music style, could they be asked to input the filename so that they can identify it in the list of styles?  Please provide SOME way of determining what is in those files.  Either identify the buttons by a number, and printing a list of which button corresponds with each number... or better yet, have a text file listing all styles and selected buttons.  Maybe embedded text in the DAT files with that info for that style.
Implemented already
Every time I start ACS, it shows the dialog asking for MIDI output device. Have you considered storing this in an INI file with the WritePrivateProfileString and GetPrivateProfileString functions?(Ver2.6)
What I've been doing is letting AC compose 100 tunes to listen to at a later time.  So, how about an option (button) to turn "play" off while composing?(Ver3.2)
Right now, if you load the additional styles, you can only go back to the  previous style by closing the program and opening it again. It would be easier if there was a way to scroll back or have a button to change back.(Ver3.2)
Planning to implement of Requested Music Style
Medieval music 
gregorian chanting
Russian music
Rock and roll (chuck berry style)
New age
Implemented already
Hard Rock
Supported Sound Generator
I tested the following sound generators. If you tested other sound generators, please let me know by e-mail. 
Software Synthesizer
Yamaha S-YG20(comes with MidPlug)
Roland VSC-88H(comes with Virtual Sound Canvas)
External Sound Generator
Yamaha MU-80
Yamaha MU-128
Roland SC88 Pro