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HQXing 1.3.1 [09/14/2000]


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[HQXing Icon] HQXing 1.3.1 (1999-2000/APPL/HQX )

What Is HQXing?

- A tiny and simple application for encoding and decoding BinHex4.0(.hqx) format files.
- HQXing is now available as separate 68K-only, PPC-only, and "FAT" versions.
- HQXing will also run under Mac OS 9.2.2.(Thanks to Mike Bombich and Takayo Totsuka for reporting.)

What's New?

1.3.1 (09/14/2000)
- Build using MPW 3.6d1.
- Updated "ReadMe" document.
1.3 (02/17/2000)
- Moved "Preferences..." menu item from the File menu to the Edit menu.
- Removed "Desktop Folder" option in "Preferences..." dialog box.(Thanks to Masayuki Ozawa.)
- Minor cosmetic changes in dialog boxes(Screenshot).
- EasterEgg?
1.3f2 (02/04/2000)
- Fixed a few bugs when finding a selected destination folder or volume.
1.3f1 (02/03/2000)
- Added "Always Use" option in "Preferences..." dialog box.(Thanks to Nagisa Siowatari.)
- Added a different cursor for conversion process.
- Minor cosmetic changes in menu items and dialog boxes.
- Added a few error messages when converting.


- System 7 or later, including Mac OS 9.2.2.


- Freeware.


"HQXing68K.img.hqx" [31537B]
"HQXingPPC.img.hqx" [33503B]
"HQXingFAT.img.hqx" [50243B]

(These files are converted with HQXing.)


- An Italian patch, translated by Mefi, is available here.(Thanks a lot!)


[4 Cows Icon]
"Do you have a need to decode and/or encode BinHex format files? Here's the program for you." - Tucows
[3 Mice Icon]
"If you're looking for a free binhexer utility, your search is over. It's speed is quite nice as well, easily comparable to commerical offerings." - Macdownload.com

And More?

- HQXing has been build using MPW(Macintosh Programmer's Workshop) 3.6d1. For more information about MPW, check out here.
- Information about downloading the image(.img) file and mounting the disk image is provided here.
[Get Disk Copy Image]


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