Mandelbrot-set calculation / drawing program v3.3

* Introduction
It is the program which draws that visionary and beautiful Mandelbrot-set.

* Features
- Easy operativity.
- A colorful color variation.
- A rough coloring specification function.
- The saving function of a drawing result.
- The reading function of a drawing result.
- The resizing function of a window.
- Multi-CPU support.
- Simple benchmark function.

* Download (free software)
Windows 95/98/2000/XP etc.

The usage
(1) Starting
First, an icon is double-clicked and a program is started. Was the complete view of the Mandelbrot-set drawn?
(2) A setup of a drawing domain
Next, please click a portion to expand with a mouse and drag it as it is. The cursor which shows the drawing range appears. The size of cursor changes according to the amount of movements of a mouse . The drawing domain chosen with cursor can be checked for the numerical value of the window upper part. Please push the [Run] button, for calculating the selection range.
(3) Change of color
Color can be chosen with slide-bar and five buttons at the lower right of a window. Please operate a button and a slide bar suitably. Then, you could understand ! (*1)
(4) Saving of data
If a favorite picture is obtained, the coordinates and the color information on a picture can be saved from "File" -> "Save" of a menu-bar. It can save by PNG or mdl(*2) format. When saved by PNG format, coordinates and color information are embedded by mdl format into a picture file (to inside of tEXt-Chunk of PNG).
(5) Reading of data
The file of PNG saved before or mdl format form can be read from "File" -> "Open" of a menu-bar. A file can also be read by drags and drops to up to a window.
(6) Resizing of a window
The window lower right has the resizing tab. It came make the Mandelbrot-set exploration on a big display.
(7) Addition
The sample picture and the benchmark test were prepared for the "Gallery" of a menu-bar. I am thankful to you who contributed the work.
*1 The specification method of color
Color is decided by combination of five collar buttons at the lower right of a window ("R", "G", "B", "a" (a1-a4), "b" (b1-b3)), and slide-bars. "R", "G", and the "B" button are reversal of the element (red, green, blue) of a color. A rough color pattern is set up with the "a" (a1-a4) button. A fine color pattern is set up with the "b" (b1-b3) button. A color palette becomes what reflected the state of "R", "G", and the "B" button in the combination of collar buttons "a" and "b".
A slide-bar specifies whether the Mandelbrot-set is colored with which portion of a color palette as the starting point.
By using a color palette and a slide bar, no less than a total of 96000 kinds of colors can be chosen very easily.

*2 About mdl format
A mdl format is the file format original with this program in which the coordinates for drawing the Mandelbrot-set and the information on a color are stored. One drawing information is stored in one line, and it consists of seven columns of the following divided in the SPACE-character.

(1) The value of the coordinates "x".
(2) The value of the coordinates "y".
(3) The value of width "w".
      (smaller one of x-width and y-width)
(4) Aspect ratio. (x-width / y-width)
(5) The number of iterations. (decimal)
(6) The state of a collar button. (hex-decimal)
(7) The value of a slide-bar. (decimal)

A mdl format can be freely changed by the text editor.

Sample & Gallery
Please drag and drop the following sample picture displayed on the browser on the window of this program. By doing so, the coordinates and the color information which were embedded into the PNG picture can be restored easily. Thus, public presentation and distribution of a work can be easily performed through a homepage. Your work is exhibited by Following URL. If favorite spot is found, please send by mail etc.

Notes about use and distribution of this software
This software is freeware. Regardless of nonprofit / the profit purpose, it can be used freely. Re-distribution of this freeware is restricted to the state where it downloaded, and is permitted. However, when you distribute by a magazine appendix, CD-ROM, etc., please contact me. When damage occurs with this freeware, the author does not secure the damage. The author holds the copyright of this software. A Bug report welcomes.

Author: SADA