SonotaCo Lightning and Sprite
[Real Time Lightning Detection -- at Setagaya Tokyo Japan] using Boltek StormTracker PCI /Astrogenic Systems NexStorm V1.2
[WASP2 (Waide Area Storm Probe 2 by Astrogenic systems) - terminated at Oct/2010 Realtime networked lightning locator in Japan

SonotaCo Network Lightning detection Sites

Kaminari#2 [Suginami Tokyo]
Kaminari#3 [Osaka ]
Kaminari#4 [Yamaguchi ]
Kaminari#5 [Aomori]
Kaminari#6 [Aichi]
Kaminari#7 [Shizuoka]
Kaminari#8 [Hyogo] [Miyagi]

NexStorm support program : NSList by SonotaCo
  • Freeware
  • Simultaneous display of each lightning information, including type and polarity.Using NexStorm's FlashGate IPC real time inter process interface.
  • List last 500 events.
  • CSV file logging (Lyyyymmdd.csv or LyyyymmddM.csv...when unit is mile)
  • Selectable distance unit km/statue mile (V1.2)
  • No semaphore version to avoid interface dead lock(V1.4)

--> Download NSList V1.4 ( 111KB).

To use NSList, don't forget to set NexStorms FlashGateIPC option enable .

[Sprite Sample captured by UFOCapture]

sprite : high altitude flush light caused by electric discharge above thunderstorm.

A Sprite 2004/july/9 (WAT-231S+25mmF0.95+ExVision600TV+UFOCaptureEx V1.78)

A Carrot Sprite 2003/Dec/29 (WAT-100N + 6mmF0.8 + ExVision500TV + UFOCaptureEx)

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SonotaCo : A person , the author of UFOCapture.
StormTracker : Lightning detection system by Boltek corporation.
NexStorm : Trade mark of Astrogenic systems lightning display and analysis program .