Download ViewDDLib and LottAnalyzer

 Download Ginsberg's Library 

       (1) Outline
       In November 1996, Matthew Ginsberg, well known for his Bridge software GIB (Ginsberg Intelligent Bridge player), published a paper in Bridge World on the Law of Total Tricks, armed with his powerful double-dummy solver.
       At the same time, he generously released a big library of  717,102 deals analyzed by his double-dummy solver.   The present software ViewDDLib is intended to visualize the bulk of these hands as well as the results obtained by double-dummy analysis on your PC screen.   This show, provided by Ginsberg's library, will entertain many in the interests of how computer will work in double-dummy analysis and how LoTT (the Law of Total Tricks) goes wrong or right.
       In addition to this, another software LoTTanalyzer works out statistics over this big ensemble of deals, in order to verify the LoTT (Law of Total Tricks) in greater detail than Ginsberg did.   Specifically, my LoTTanalyzer can treat Notrump deals separately and can verify the Law formula in Notrumps.

       (2) Downloading
       Get hold of ViewDDLib3.ZIP and library (Library.asc or Library.bin) from the above links, and Unzip them into a single folder.
       If your version of Windows is XP or earlier, you need download and install VB6 runtime.

       (3) Features

  1. ViewDDLib will show each deal in ths way
    The left part displays the four hands, while the three boxes on the right show the result of double-dummy analysis as well as information on Total Tricks and Total Trumps.  
    From this construction, you will be able to study how LoTT will hold or not in a lot of deals.
  2. On the other hand, once you start LottAnalyzer with options of your choice, it will return the result in numerical tables as well as in plain graphs, where Total Tricks available are plotted against Total Trumps.
    Screen Shot of LottAnalyzer
  3. In the present version, LoTTanalyzer is equipped with an option to try corrections (or adjustments) on the LoTT formula in two ways (a and b).
    1. In Notrump-Suit cases, choose one from the six options in the bottom right frame, where either
      1. You can choose a Notrump Law formula and work over all deals in the library,
      2. or else you can specify the distribution of opponents (Void, Singleton, Doubleton) in side suits, and disregard the other deals.   For example, you can concentrate on Notrump-against-Singleton deals.
    2. In Suit-Suit cases, three possibilities are given in the bottom-middle frames.
      1. Double fit ( 8 cards or more in two suits),
      2. Solid Trumps (AKQ in trump suit),
      3. Chameleons (Three cards Qxx in Opponent's trump suit).
      You have here again two ways of choice.
      1. Give appropriate corrections to these possibilities and count all random deals in the library.
      2. or else you can as well specify deals such that, e.g., Double-Double fit Always/Never takes place.
  4. The menu bar will tell you much about various options.