The double dummy library is available in two formats.
     [1]. The file “Library.bin” is a binary file.
     Each hand in the library is stored using 26 bytes of information.
These 26 bytes comprise Four 32-bit integers, followed by Five 16-bit integers.
The 32-bit integers refer to the four suits, with bits 0-1 indicating who holds the ace (I take West to be 0, North to be 1, and so on; it doesn't matter as long as it's clockwise), bits 2-3 giving the holder of the king, and so on.   I take S to be suit 0, but that doesn't matter at all.
     The Five 16-bit integers indicate how many tricks can be taken by each player and in each denomination.
The first integer refers to NT, and the subsequent ones to the suits.
Bits 0-3 give the number of tricks that can be taken by NS with player 0 (West) on lead; bits 4-7 the number that can be taken by NS with player 1 on lead, and so on.

     [2]. The file “Library.asc” is an ascii file.   In this file, each line refers to a deal.   Here is a typical one (the first, in fact):
JT852.93.KQ7.J82 AQ97.JT654.T6.A5
43.AK8.A542.7643 K6.Q72.J983.KQT9:88887777A9A977778888
There are 88 characters per line.   The first 16 give West's hand, with suits separated by periods.   Then there is a space.   The next 16 characters give North's hand, then East's, and then South's.   Then there is a colon, followed by 20 results (in hexadecimal).   The first four refer to NT: the number of tricks that can be taken by N/S with S leading, then E, then N, then W.   The next four refer to S trumps, then H trumps, then D trumps, and finally C trumps.

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