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last updated: Dec. 28, 1999

Pocket Tera Term is a free software terminal emulator (communication program) for Windows CE 1.01. It supports VT100 emulation, TCP/IP (telnet) connections, modem connections, serial port communications and so on. The essential part of the functions that Tera Term (Pro) for MS Windows 3.1/95/NT has is implemented in Pocket Tera Term.

The first virsion! (Aug 9, 1999)

Pocket Tera Term version 0.0

Please see readme.txt for copyright information.

Snapshot of Pocket Tera Term

Download (ttermc00.zip; 273,259 bytes)

List of H/PCs reported to be able to run Pocket Tera Term (Sep. 8, 1999)

Supported CPUs: SH3 & MIPS



If you find a new H/PC which can run Pocket Tera Term, please report that to the author.

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