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You can download English version of my software here.

List of Programs

ThaiPad (Thai text editor for Windows)

ThaiPad is a Thai text editor with simple word processing functionality for Windows 3.1 (You can also use this program on Windows 95/98/Me/2000 with some limitations). This software was originally developed for Japanese Windows, and this release is the translated version to English. You need Visual Basic 3.0 dynamic link library VBRUN300.DLL and a Thai TrueType font in order to use this program.

Thai TrueType Font "Thai Pen Stroke YK"

This is a free TrueType font for Thai language. You can use this font in any Windows applications, but it will be the best combination with ThaiPad.

Caution: The following archive contains readme file written in Japanese.

Thai Text Editor for HP200LX

This is very simple text editor for Thai language, running on DOS environment using very old CGA graphics standard. Since CGA is a subset of  VGA, you can use this program not only on HP200LX palmtop computer, but also on any IBM-PC compatibles.

Caution: The following archive contains readme file written in Japanese. Here is the English version.

Text Viewer

This text viewer lets you browse many text files one by one quickly by just pressing arrow keys to select file name. Specialty of this program is to let you browse all the files in sub-folders automatically by recursively visiting sub-folders. This program also lets you convert from Macintosh text files and UNIX text files to plain DOS text files. You need Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 runtime and Rich Text ActiveX control in order to use this program.

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