Keyboard handling (Original Enhancement)

Identical with GetKeyState in Win32API.
This checks the key state.
The parameter is the virtual key code.
If the result is negative, the key is pushed, non-negative, not pushed.
The virtual key code of important keys

Enter  13
Shift  16
Ctrl  17
Alt   18
Esc        27
Space  32
←   37
↑   38
→   39
↓   40
0~9   48~57
A~Z   65~90
0~9 (ten-key pad) 96~105
The virtual keycode of an alphabetic key is identical with the result of ORD function of its Upper case letter.

Example. Investigate Virtual Keycodes

  FOR i=8 TO 239
    IF GetKeyState(i)<0 THEN PRINT i
  NEXT i

Note that this commands does not do key input but peeps in key state. When any other application other than BASIC comes in the foreground, this continue to work but the key inputs are inputs for that application.