PLOT AREA (Filled Polygon)

PLOT AREA: x1, ,y1 ; x2 ,y2 ; ……; xn ,yn
draws a filled polygon of which vertices are (x1 ,y1),(x2 ,y2),……,(xn ,yn) and (x1 , y1).

SET AREA COLOR numeric_expression
specifies the filling color
The defalut area color is 1.

ASK AREA COLOR Numeric_Variable
assigns the current area color.

A point is defined to be internal if any ray beginning that point crosses the boundary an odd number of times.

Enhancements to the Standard

SET AREA STYLE string_expression
The value of the string_expression must be one of followngs.

SET AREA STYLE INDEX numeric_expression
assigns the hatch pattern when area style "HATCH" specifed. Area styles are
1: Horizontal 2:Vertical 3:Slanted(135°) 4:slanted(45°) 5:cross 6:slanted cross

Hatch patterns are defined on the physical coordinates.
On this version, if a transformation such as the polygon crosses a line at infinity is assigned, the area style shall be ignored.

ASK AREA STYLE String_variable
assigns the current area style.

ASK AREA STYLE INDEX Numeric_expression
assigns the current area style index.