System Requirement and file organization

[System Requirement]

PC/AT Compatibles
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Internet Explorer 5.5 or later

[File organization]

The executable file is BASIC.EXE.
BASIC.CHM, BASIC.KW1, BASIC.KW2, BASIC.KWS, BASIC.KWF should be put in the folder where BASIC.EXE exists.
BASFILE.ICO is required for file association.
Any other file does not affect the execution of BASIC.EXE.

This system does not change Windows system, so that you can carry this system put in such a removable drive as a floppy disk.

Once BASIC.EXE has been executed, BASIC.INI is made on the folder where BASIC.EXE lies.
BASIC.BAK is be made when a program is demanded to run, and it shall be deleted when the execution of the program ends.

SETUP.BAT registers BASIC to the START Menu of Windows, and let BASIC.EXE use the Windows registry to save its settings.
Detail of SETUP.BAT

Supplementation: BASIC.HLP and BASIC.CNT, which were included in the previous version of Decimal BASIC, are no longer needed.


To Uninstall Decimal BASIC, if SETUP.BAT has been executed, launch UNSETUP.BAT and then remove the files, otherwise only remove the installed files.