MERGE (original enhancement)

MERGE file_name
file_name is a string constant.

A MERGE statement can be written outside the program units and the modules.
The text included in the file are inserted on compiling, and removed after the execution.
The name of the file that contains the text that is to be supplemented is described in the MERGE statement enclosed in quotation marks.
The file is searched first in the current directory, second UserLib subdirectory of the directory BASIC was launched, and last Library subdirectory.
When you want to appoint multiple files, write a MERGE statement for each file.
The text that is to be merged can contain MERGE statements.

Significant notice.
If the number of lines below the MERGE-line changes by automatic correction , deletion of the text after the execution shall not be done correctly. Thus, it is recommended that MERGE statements should be written in the tail of a program.