Specification Details



Program Length
The length of a program is at most 1M bytes.

[Run time]

System Stack Size
The system stack size is at most 26M bytes.
The system stack is exhausted by execution of a recurrence.
The system stack size shall be set to be 1M bytes for the first, and can be enlarged for the need.
Virtual Stack Memory
Virtual Stack Memory is used for variable management.
The size is somewhat self-adjusted on the start-up according to the situation on the last time BASIC.EXE ran.
However, users can set the size of Virtual Stack Memory directly rewriting the 'VirtualMemory' key in the [Frame] section of BASIC.INI.
An error message 'EXTYPE -102 Virtual memory not allocated' suggests that it should be increased,
and an error message 'out of memory' suggests that it should be decreased.
Size of an array
The size of an array is at most 34217727, provided that the memory allocation allows the size.
File Size
This system is made to manage a file of size over 4GB, but no test has been done.