Random Numbers☆☆

RND  The pseudorandom number, where 0≦RND<1
 < Note > RND is a reserved word of Full BASIC.

randomize statement
Sets the starting point of the pseudorandom numbers unpredictable.

The sequence of the pseudorandom numbers is global over the whole program.

Example. A program which generates 20 random integers within 1 to 6.

20 FOR t=1 TO 20
30   LET n=1+INT(6*RND)
40   PRINT n
50 NEXT t
60 END

If RANDOMIZE in line 10 lacks, this program generates the same sequence for every time.

The pseudorandom numbers generated by RND-functions are those generated by Mersenne Twister method.
They have precision of 52 bits on the binary or the complex mode, 50-bits on the decimal, 1000-digits decimal, or the RATIONAL operation mode.
The algorithm depends on mt19937ar.c by Matsumoto and Nishimura, 2002