Supplied Functions (Trigonometric) ☆☆☆

SIN(x)  The sine of x
COS(x)  The cosine of x
TAN(x)  The tangent of x
CSC(x)  The cosecant of x , 1/sin(x)
SEC(x)  The secant of x , 1/cos(x)
COT(x)  The cotangent of x , 1/tan(x)
ASIN(x) The arcsine of x, the angle θ such that sinθ=x, where π/2≦θπ/2
ACOS(x) The arccosine of x , the angle θ such that cosθ=x, where 0≦θπ
ATN(x)  The arctangent of x , the angle θ such that tanθ=x, where π/2<θπ/2
ANGLE(x,y) The angle between the positive x-axis and the vector joining the origin to (x,y). where π<ANGLE(x,y)≦π

<Note> If OPTION ANGLE DEGREES is in effect, the angles about these functions are in degrees.

<Note> These functions can not be used in the 1000-digit operation mode nor the RATIONAL operation mode. See Precision options menu


PI   The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter π=3.141592....