Supplied Functions (Date or Time)

TIME  The time elapsed since the previous midnight, expressed in seconds.
DATE  The current date in decimal form YYDDD, where YY are the last two digits of the year and DDD is the ordinal number of the current day of the yaer.
Example. The value of DATE on Jan. 1, 2011 is 11001.
DATE$ The date in the string representation "yyyymmdd"
TIME$ The time of the day in the form "hh:mm:ss"

<Note> These function names are reserved words.


10 LET t0=time
80 PRINT time-t0;" seconds elapsed."
90 END

[Notice] If the date changes during the execution, the result shall not be correct.

<Supplement>Functions that return the year, month or day

DEF year = INT(VAL(date$)/10000)
DEF month = MOD(INT(VAL(date$)/100),100)
DEF day = MOD(VAL(date$),100)