Debug Window

The lines executed and the variables varied in value shall be recorded.
If you want only to trace, select Continue after this.
If the trace window does not appear, select Trace Log on Window Menu.
Note that it takes much time to trace, when the program has a large array (or large arrays) in it.
[Supplementary Note]
TRACE statements are available, too. TRACE statements enables it to be set on or off for respective program units.

Debug Windows enables us to set the break-points.
Move the cursor to the line where you want to set the break-point, and then click Break-Point button .
The lines where the break-points are set shall be under-lined and change in color.
And so, if you select Continue, the control goes until it meets the break-points.
Remove the break-point
To Remove a break-point, move the cursor to the line from which you want to remove the break-point and then click Break-Point button.
Break-points can be set only during execution.
If you want to use break-points, select Run-Menu Step and show the debug window.
BREAK statements are available, too.

History (Forward)

Window Size
Debug Window can be re-sized.

Any line is displayed with its first 1024 characters, the rest are not displayed.
(This is a remedy to stabilize Windows95.)