Supplied Functions (numeric general)☆☆☆

ABS(x)    The absolute value of x
SQR(x)    The nonnegative square root of x
INT(x)    The largest integer not greater than x
Example. INT(5.4)=5, INT(5)=5, INT(-4.4)=-5
MOD(x,y)   x-y*INT(x/y)  x modulo y
Example. MOD(5,3)=2, MOD(-5,3)=1, MOD(3.14,1)=0.14
ROUND(x,n)  INT(x*10^n+0.5)/10^n  The value of x rounded to n digits of decimal place
CEIL(x)    -INT(-x)  The smallest integer not less than x
Example. CEIL(5.4)=6, CEIL(5)=5, CEIL(-4.4)=-4
SGN(x)    the sign of x
SGN(x)=1 if x>0,
SGN(x)=-1 if x<0
IP(x)     SGN(x)*INT(ABS(x))  The integer part of x
Example. IP(5.4)=5, IP(5)=5, IP(-4.4)=-4
FP(x)     x-IP(x)  The fractional part of x
REMAINDER(x,y) x-y*IP(x/y)
Example. REMAINDER(5,3)=2, REMAINDER(-5,3)=-2
TRUNCATE(x,n) IP(x*10^n)/10^n

<Note> SQR-functions can not be used on the RATIONAL operating mode, though INTSQR-functions can be used.