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Image Format

BitMap is a image format which is suitable for ordinary usage.
Results can be saved as a GIF or JPEG file.

When Metafile (size) is selected, a metafile of indicated size shall be created.
When Metafile (printer) is selected, a metafile of the size of printable area of the paper designated by the printer setting dialog shall be created.
When Printer (direct) is selected, graphics command are directly transmitted to the printer.

When you have selected Metafile or Printer, do Printer setting always before the exection of a program.
When you have selected metafile (printer) or Printer (direct), a margin addtinal to the margins previously arranged by the printer driver can be designated using the Additional Margin slide bar.
Furthermore, when Print Position Uppermost option is selected, The initial values of DEVICE VIEWPORT shall be set to the uppermost square if the paper setting is portrait.

When the image format is a metafile or a printer, an EPS file can be obtained by setting the printer to a PostScript printer driver. On this case, the graphis is recorded as a sequence of graphics commands on the EPS file.

Refer to MetaFiles and Pritner Graphics
Refer to EPS creating process (in Japanese)

At least one priter dirver must be installed to handle a metafile even if no priter is connected.