Flexible Renamer v8.4

Copyright (C) 2000-2011 Naru

*Planning to be OSS(Open Source Software) after the latest VisualStudio build is possible (Difficult, as of October 2019)

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Flexible Renamer



Target OS

Windows XP(SP2~)/Vista/2008/7

iNeed download executable module for Windows 2000/XP(RTM,SP1)

iNOT supported to Windows 95/98/Me/NT4

iNOT tested on Windows Server 2003

License Type





UNICODE file/folder renaming utility,
which can use Wildcard or Regular-Expression, Tag-information (MP3, EXIF) and script (vbs/js).


lExplorer-like user interface.

lUNICODE strings (Japanese/Chinese/Korean/German/French, etc.) supported (New!!)

lWildcard or Regular-Expression (Perl Compatible) for substitution of file name.

lMultiple file-filter, Real-time preview, Undo.

lSub-directories process-able recursively.

lDesigned for processing a large quantity of files.

lCopy (Move) & Rename to another folder.

lDistribute into the folder by using relative path.

lConsecutive numbers to every classified group (folder, date, tag).

lSaving search/replace settings by Preset function.


lRename (Copy/Move/Create shortcut/Create hardlink) object (file/folder).

ØInsert a Number or a String(the file's Timestamp/Folder name)

ØRemove a Number or a String(Shortcut to, Copy (n) of, [n], (n)), Supported 8.3 Format

ØTranslate Letters (upper/lower-case, capitalize)

ØReplace String

ØOther flexible rename using pattern matching.

ØDirect-editing of target name.

ØExtending function by script (New!!)

lRename (Copy/Move) using tag information.

ØID3(MP3/WMA/APE/MPC/OGG), EXIF, IPTC, Document(MS-Office(also 2007)/PDF), HTML

ØFile-property information (Added tags by Shell Extensions are also available) (New!!)

ØExtending function by script (New!!)

lModify object (file/folder) attributes and time-stamps.

ØSpecify date/time, Shift, Random generate, Make the Same.

lCreate numbered object(sized file/folder)



Ø New Feature

n Improvement

l Bug-Fix


ØWindows 7 SP1 (Update File Property at TagRename)

lApplication error occurs when the character is deleted on the boundary of %

lApplication error occurs when quitting the application on a certain environment

lApplication error occurs when hovering over the vertical scroll bar in the form

lApplication error occurs when searching files at TagRename

lA message like "Invalid parameters" is shown entering search-setting

lFolder in the folder tree may be hidden after rename

l'*' tag generates only 0 to 8(NOT 9) numbers


ØWindows 7 Taskbar Progress

ØWindows 7 Taskbar List

nInitialize the rename setting when terminating abnormally last time (Deal with a problem of terminating abnormally even if reactivating when terminating abnormally)

nNega-Color arrangement

lWon't launch after closing it in case of minimizing

lFile Property is not retrieved in case of the extension is upper-cased letter

lFile Property is not retrieved in case of turning ON the Use File Property Info in Specify File mode

lDistinguish the upper-cased latter and the lowner-cased letter in wildcard use

lThe sorting order in file list is not correct, in case of existing figures in the head of file name


nUpdate help (Add a link of samples)

lDrag&Drop and SendTo is incorrect

lFolder tree is not shown correctly in Windows 2000

lWindow position is incorrect when taskbar is top alignment

lDo not treat operator * as random number in script mode

lUnexpected letter might be searched and replaced in use of specific typical menu or wildcard


ØWindows 7 (Update File Property at TagRename)

nUpdate help (Add an example of script usage)

nUpdate Script file as UNICODE format

nMultilingual (English/Japanese/Deutsch/Traditional-Chinese/Simplified-Chinese/Spanish/Portuguese-Brazilian/Italian/ French at present)

lApplication error might occur when the incomplete regular expression is inputted in particular environment

lUnexpected numbering format might be applied when the auto numbering is chosen when the name conflicted




ØStatements and functions(embedded/StrFunc.dll(StrConv/printf)/user defined) of VBScript/JScript

ØAdd "Organize Number Value" and "Modify Extension" category at rename function list

ØMultilingual (English/Japanese/German at present)

ØFile Property at TagRename

ØOgg(*.ogg) music file format at TagRename

ØPDF(*.pdf) file format and Office2007 format at TagRename

ØAdded exif tags and multilingualized

ØAdded type and extension in Show in group

ØShuffle ListHeader->RightClick

ØRandum number *

ØFileSize \: \;

ØPositive/Negative Lookahead/Lookbehind-search by RegExp library (boost::regex v4)

ØCreating shortcut and hardlink

nAdd EditFilename(F2) and RefreshFoldertree(F5) in the menu

nResetting window layout

nHide folder tree

nFile size is shown with thousand separator

nSort filename by number like WinXP/Vista

nAdd numbering options on the form (AdvancedRename/TagRename)

lProblem of wasting a lot of time in operation depends on the environment is corrected (Wasting time at the folder-tree in case of the compressed folder exists)

lGrouping setting is disabled when the another folder is selected at TagRename

lLose of history at rename function list

lExtension didn't change by Upper-Case of rename function list

lF5 key(refresh folder tree) don't work when the foldr tree focused

lTrackNumber of WMA may be obtained as -1


ØSupport ID3v2.4

nCan specify the hexadecimal numbering to rename

nCan select "Recycle Bin" for operation to perform

nRefresh the folder tree by F5-Key

nWhen it sent from the menu "Send to", the sent item was added to the list without depending on the last setting

nThe folder under searching was displayed on the status bar

lFixed the problem that the '%' is included in file name, the result of rename becomes strange

lThe Delete key was not effective by direct edit

lFixed the problem to which an icon display position when dragging the file becomes strange

lCannot sort from the contents of the displayed tag

lIn the case of APE format, the track number <ID3.TrackNumber> was outputted to the number of an actual tag plus one

lSome the setting item of TagRename are described by win.ini (Unnecessary description)


ØCan indicate the contents of the specified tag by the list (How to Use - *TagRenameTips- *Tag indication)

ØCan select "Sequential Generate" menu, in case of timestamp modification

nSupports JFIF

lConvert "can't" to "Can'T" by Capitalizing

lGarbage will be displayed if the tag is not defined by <ID3>


nOutputs <ID3.TrackNumber> in two-digit

nSave the status of show maximized

nCut the left space of <ID3>

lIn the case of mp3, the track number <ID3.TrackNumber> was outputted to the number of an actual tag plus one

l<EXIF.OriginalTime> may be unable to be recognized depending on the form of a file

lIt will be connected with other tag character sequences when the character is filled with <ID3> at 30 characters


ØAdd the mode to select files in windows explorer by drag & drop

ØAbout the folder list, "the standard reference result for Windows" was adopted instead of "the indent display of a sub folder"

ØAdded the function of distribution into the generated folder (How to Use - *RenameTips- *Distribution into the generated folder)

ØAdded the function which assigns consecutive numbers to every classified groups (folder, date, tag) (How to Use - *RenameTips- *Show in groups)

ØCan select "Rename", "Move&Rename", "Copy&Rename" for operation to perform

ØCan launch from "Send to" menu (NT/2000/XP Only)

ØAdd the tag(\t) which means file title

ØAdd the tag(\e) which means extension

ØAdd the APE format (*.ape, *.mpc, *.mp+) at the music-type of TagRename

nThe screen layout of the task pane was compacted a little

nSave the selection of the typical menu

nSave the settings of the "Target Object"

nSave the scroll status of the task pane

lEven if added to a favorite, it might not be displayed on a menu

lFixed the probem of disappearing the item of the typical menu

lWhen the color depth is less than 256, the legibility of the text suffers

lWhen <EXIF.OriginalTime> is specified on "TagRename", new name is displayed like "$y$m$d-$H$M$S"


nFollow the time format set up with the regional options

lFixed the malfunction of adding bracket () at typical menu "Insert AnyString(Timestamp)"


ØCan select "Specify DateTime", "Shift", "Random Generate", "Make the Same" menu, in case of timestamp modification

ØAdd the "Remove N letter at Nth letter from Start(End)" function into typical menu

ØAdd the tag(\F) which means folder name of parent folder

nCurrent page (Rename, TagRename, Attribute, EmptyObject) was held

nPrevented from specifying time on an access day (only date)

lThe width of a list item will be initialized each time at starting

lFixed the malfunction of adding numeric at typical menu "Insert AnyString(Timestamp)"

lAn access day cannot set up correctly by "Attribute"

lThe collapse  button of folder tree is disappears when renaming folder


ØAdded the "TagRename" function which can use tag information, such as ID3(MP3), EXIF, IPTC, MS-Office, and HTML

nStarting was made quick a little

nA setup (Search for, Replacfe with, History) was held for every "Search Mode"

nCan select "Retry" menu, in case of failure of rename

lUnnecessary control might be displayed by typical rename menu

lAlthough folder has not been selected, a folder is created, by "Copy&Rename"


ØAdd the "DateTime" function into typical menu

nModifyed the timestamp format

nUpdate folder tree by F5-key

nVersionNumber displays on the title bar

lAn access day cannot set up correctly by "Attribute"


ØAdd the "Copy&Rename" function with the "Rename" button

ØAdd the "FolderName + Number" function into typical menu

nCan input start number and step in case of repetition of file name

lWhen a selection folder is deleted, folder reference is performed infinite

lWhen the size exceeding 1GB is specified at "NumberedObject", it is not displayed correctly

lThe file name after substitution will go out by about 130 characters

lIn case of "FolderName at Head", extension dot'.' overlaps

lIn case of "Translate Letters" with the folder, the result becomes strange


ØSupport editing replaced name directly (Select File, and Click or F2-Key)

ØAdd the multiple file-filter by wildcard

ØAdd the continual duplication function of file/folder at "NumberedObject"

ØAdd the "Remove N letter" functions into typical menu

ØSupport folder context menu

ØAdd the function of favorites

nCan select "Skip", "OverWrite", "AutoNumbering" menu, in case of repetition of file name

nImproved something related to key-in (Focusing movement with TAB-Key, Shortcut-Key addition)

nRename "EmptyObject" to "NumberedObject" accompanying by functional addition

lFixed the problem of force attaching dot'.' in rear of folder

lWhen the '%x' and the like is included in file name, which was converted to date selfishly

lFixed the malfunction of using () at typical menu "Replace String"

lFixed the malfunction of dropping the file or the folder

lThe sort possible header was indicated with also a state where it cannot sort

lWhen at the \hogehoge and the \hogehoge hoge latter is selected, tree indication becomes strange


ØAdd the "Insert FolderName" function into typical menu

ØAdd the tag(\f) which means folder name

nKeep the setting of the file-sorting

nSort of the file was designated as like the XP

nCan turn off the file-sorting

lFixed the problem which cannot refer to the network folder correctly

lFixed the malfunction of adding numeric at typical menu "Insert AnyString(Timestamp)"

lFixed the problem where the background of the icon becomes gray color

lFixed the problem where tree indication becomes strange when selecting system folder with 95,98


ØAdd the "Insert Timestamp" functions into typical menu

nSupport recursive depth

lFixed the malfunction of timestamp-renaming


ØEnglish support