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現時点では、Windows ソフトの開発や、現在公開しているソフトの更新などは、一切行う予定はありません。
Android 等、他端末での開発も同様です。



About development of Windows compatible software

At the moment, there are no plans to develop Windows software or update currently released software.
The same applies to development on other devices such as Android.

The reason is as follows.

  • I'm not using Windows at all.
  • The Linux environment is comfortable and there are many things I want to do, so I want to keep developing here.
  • Because there are many users of Windows software, support is difficult.
  • I do not want to do more than necessary because I only make things that I want to make within my hobbies.

  • There is no plan to release the source code, because the source code is not ready to release much.